Social Network Analysis Conference 2008 to be hosted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences

 (December 26-29) 




Network theory and methods are increasingly being mobilized to describe, explain, and predict outcomes related to complex systems across a range of sciences, from physics and biology to sociology and economics. There are significant challenges in applying network theory in the social sciences especially in Indian socio-economic context. Indeed, the broad applicability of network ideas to a range of seemingly disparate social systems is one of its most distinctive features. Network research represents social systems in terms of nodes and ties that connect the nodes. Using a rich array of visual analytic tools and statistical methods, network research has been used to model the structure and dynamics of diverse social systems, and to explain the consequences of this evolving topology at the local and global levels.



Social Network Analysis Conference (SNAC – 2008) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai will bring together, over four days, scholars and practitioners from India and abroad. The purpose of SNAC 2008 is four fold


1. Promote the exchange of ideas and critical discussion among researchers who are rooted in different disciplines but who share a common interest in applying network theory and methods in social science.


2. Promote active research ties between scholars based in India and the international community


3. Help initiate a dialogue between academic network researchers and practitioners from varying organizations who are interested in applying network theory and methods in understanding social issues.   


 4. Form a professional scientific body of network scholars and practitioners in India



We invite academics, including students from wide variety of disciplines such as anthropology, economics, health studies, information sciences, political science, psychology, sociology, social work, practitioners, industrialists, management consultants, and anyone with an interest in social network analysis. Individuals with little or no previous exposure to network analysis are invited to attend the pre-conference workshop on 26th of December. We also welcome scientists from outside the social sciences whose research has insights for investigating social systems



Contributors are requested to submit full length papers by e-mail ( by 15 October 2008. The full paper could be between 3000 - 5000 words and should contain:  a title; an abstract of not more than 200 words; and the name(s) of author(s) and organizational affiliation. All submitted papers will be reviewed by a panel of experts and decision will be conveyed by 1st November.


Accommodation will be arranged in the Institute’s Guest House for paper presenters and doctoral students (will require a proof from director of the institute / research guide / departmental head) intending to participate in doctoral colloquium.


Conference Date: 26-29 December 2008

Submission of Full length paper: 15 October 2008

Intimation of Acceptance: 1 November 2008

Date of Registration (including pre-conference workshop): 1 December 2008