Created by Jim Courtney
Welcome to the Official Site for the game Sock Puppets: Eternal War.  This is a game that combines elements of flag football and rainy day crafts with the levelling system of a role-playing game.  Players each create sock puppet and register it with this site.  When players duel, either at scheduled events or whenever they happen to find one another, each ties a cloth flag loosely to their puppet.  They then duel, winning by successfully taking their opponent's flag.  The victor gets a victory badge from their opponent and the outcome is registered with this site.  The more victory badges you have, the more you are allowed to do with your puppet: use your other arm, use a smaller flag, add velcro, etc.  Beyond the guidelines of what a puppet may or may not feature listed on this site, you will be able to customize your puppet to match your own taste and choice of appearance.
-You will be able to create a profile to register yourself and your puppet.  Upload photos of you and your puppet, as well as log duel results.
-Find other registered players in your area with tools like a zip code proximity search.
-Find listings for scheduled events like tournaments and puppet-creation workshops.
-Get advice on puppet design and primers on basic sewing, patterns, and other craft skills.
-Download stickers and buy products with the SP:EW logo seen above on them, such as clothing, caps, bumper stickers, patches, and the like.  A great way for other players to recognize you in public and arrange a duel.
-Get detailed listings on the results of duels, view regional and worldwide high scores, and contact other players.
When I can afford a new domain this site may have a new address.  The features listed above will depend on my gathering the necessary scripts.
        Each player may make as many puppets as they like, but may only duel with ones that conform to the rules of their current victory level.  All of a player's puppets share the same victory level and use the same victory badge.  You must make at least one puppet to play, and make victory badges to give to anyone who defeats you.  Each of your victory badges must bear a symbol or design of your own making that is not already in use by another player (see Badge Gallery on this site).  They must measure 1" by 1".  The design may be as intricate as you like, so long as it is distinct and identifiable, but remember that you will have to make multiple copies every so often, depending on how often you are defeated.  You cannot claim a victory badge from an opponent who you've already claimed one from.  The rewards for having various numbers of opponents' badges is listed in a chart below.  Special badges may also be won for winning tournaments or winning special events at tournaments.
  •             No forceful pushing, fighting, hitting, or groping.  Feigning violence, such as trying to make your opponent flinch, is not allowed.  Nonviolent physical contact such as holding an opponent at a distance, as depicted in Picture A, or holding them to keep them from retreating, as depicted in Picture B, is permissible, so long as you have the “Arm Support” ability.
  •             Unless you have the “Arm Support” or “Arm Grab” ability, your non-puppet arm should be kept behind your back as in Picture C.  Using it to maintain your balance is okay—you just can’t use it to affect your opponent or your puppet (other than adjusting it if it starts to come off, fall apart, etc.).
  •             Attempting to remove an opponent’s puppet is not allowed.  A puppet may be readjusted if it begins to come off.
  •             A puppet is worn on the hand of your choice.
  •             Players  must comply with any authority figures and laws and rules of the premises where the duel is taking place.  If you are told that an area is inappropriate for a duel, the duel is disqualified and all participants must cease combat and refrain from future duels that would violate those rules, laws, and/or orders.
  •             Players’ flags must be tied with a thief’s knot, or an equivalent know that gives when tugged, or be attached to the puppet by a 1" square patch of velcro, and must measure 5” x 5”.  Flags may be tied to the puppet’s main body or any appendage, so long as it can be accessed by an opponent.  Flags may not be covered, such as in a pouch on the puppet, without the “Covered Flag” ability.  Flags must be made of cloth.
  •             Victory badges measure 1” x 1”.  They must be available for display to opponents and made of a durable material with a small hole in one corner for those who wish to keep them on a bracelet or string.  You may not enter a duel unless you have one of your puppet’s victory badges to present upon defeat.  Keeping badges you’ve won in a container, is okay, so long as they are viewable and countable for the duel.  Badges of those you've defeated can also be put on a necklace or bracelet.  Do not sew them to your puppet, as you will have to return them to the person you won them from if they are able to beat you in a rematch when they already have your badge.
  •             All duels must be logged with the official Sock Puppets: Eternal War website to count.  Both combatants must report their win or loss.  A record of all duels will be made available on the site.  Conflicting reports will not be counted if the results cannot be verified.
  •             Cheating will not be tolerated.  False battle reports, fabricating victory badges, and/or violation of any of the games rules will all result in the banning of the offender from participation, as will impersonating another player.
  •             A lost victory badge may only be reclaimed when you beat the opponent who has it when you already have their badge.
  •             Puppets may not contain any materials, objects, or substances which could be harmful to participants or bystanders.
  •             Behavior designed to throw off, distract, disorient, or psyche out your opponent is acceptable so long as it does not violate laws, rules, or standards of decency of the area in which you are dueling (i.e.- you may “talk smack”, but don’t swear in front of kids; don’t flash your opponent, etc.).