I was once like you,LV 3's!


If you have trouble on runescape and need help, i'm there for you.I was once there too! But now I am a Lv 47 with 600k. (and more coming!) I have some pretty good tactics that may work for you:

1. Go to the grand exchange. talk to the exchange person and make an offer to by a key. once you get the key,go to the gate and stop.take a left (when your map has north at the top) and keep going until you come to a little shack.Open the door with the key and go down the ladder. You will see these big hill giants,about LV 27. keep killing them until your inventory is full of big bones and limpwurt roots.then go back to the grand exchange.the big bones sell for about 350gp and the roots 450gp, each!

2.go to lumbridge (or teleport to varrock and take the back entrance if you haven't completed prince alley rescue) enter al kihide ( the desert) go to the duel arena (I would not suggest this with lower lvs P.S.make sure you have a really high magic LV)

and challenge someone who is a higher LV than you.Don't worry, if you have a really high lv,the opponent woon't know whats coming to them. offer 3000gp and dont accept unless they do the same. then take off everything except magic combat and range. then fight them and win.(may require alot of people)

3.Go to the desert and go to the mining place.from there mine coal,adament,mithral,goal,silver,something expensive.then go to the grand exchange and sell it all. increase you cooking lv,crafting lv, and your money, get alot of clay and a bucket and go to the varrock fountain.then fill up your bucket and keep making soft clay.the go to the barbarian village and make pie dishes.then go make whatever pies you want.what you do with the pies is up to you.But if you plan on eating them, SAVE THE PIE DISHES!!! you can sell them at the grand exchange for about 110gp each! plus people always buy them because they are too lazy to do it themselves.Or you could sell the pies.the sell anywhere from 100-500gp.

5.Go to the bounty hunter volcano(you need to log into a bounty hunter world first) and put any thing you dont need into the bank except for X amount of money. then go to challenge someone.quickly drop the money and pick it back up, so they want to challenge you.then go and fight them.( i would suggest having a high magic Lv of Prayer Lv to help you during the fight. 

6.go to either the hill giant shack by the GE or go to the trap door on the penninsula by port salem.keep killing things, eventually something should drop a law,death,or chaos rune.if you dont have a high magic Lv, these are useless to go and sell them.

7.go to the dock at port to the sailor guy and sail to karimija.then go to the fishing dock.wait untill someone drops a bunch of tuna,cooked or uncooked and pick em up.then sell them.this was helpful when I was a LV10 and needed some quick spending also could do the banana thing,but why would you?


Please send me a message if you have any questions or comments!


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