2009/04/03 Forthcoming:

Two mix by Cutty Cutty and Gabbenni Amenassi!!!!!

2009/03/26 New Releases:

[SRmp3 134] CC Inc. - Try To Look In
[SRmp3 133] Grr - Snuffcraft

2009/03/06 New Releases:

[SRmp3 132] Sir.Vixx - Chaos Chronicles
[SRmp3 131] The Ghost Of 3.13 - False Awakening
[SRmp3 130] Shere Kahnn -

2009/03/02 Upcoming:

[SRmp3 13x] Sir.Vixx - Chaos Chronicles
[SRmp3 13x] The Ghost Of 3.13 - False Awakening
[SRmp3 13x] Shere Kahnn - Epiphonix
[SRmp3 13x] CC Inc. - Try To Look In
[SRmp3 13x] My Sweet Kalashnokov & Ironska - T.B.A. Split ep
[SRmp3 13x] CCDM - Ill Kill Chill Pill
[SRmp3 13x] Grr SgnarL - T.B.A
[SRmp3 xxx] DJ Fhantom - T.B.A.
[SRmp3 xxx]
Doc Colibri - T.B.A.
[SRmp3 xxx] Ludovic - T.B.A.

2009/02/20 New Releases:

[SRmp3 129] Thank Fuscia - Over 31 Miles Of Breakbit
[SRmp3 128] Choizcore -
 Guru Balance Breaks Vol.2



[SRmp3 129] Thank Fuscia - Over 31 Miles Of Breakbit
[SRmp3 128] Choizcore - Guru Balance Breaks Vol.2

2009/02/06 New Releases:

[SRmp3 127] Sound Of Illusion - The Future Of An Illusion
[SRmp3 126] Orbique -
Corrupted Loops For Damaged Robots



[SRmp3 127] Sound of Illusion - The Future of an Illusion
[SRmp3 126] Orbique - Corrupted Loops For Damaged Robots

and---Thank Fuscia , Choizcore , The Ghost of 3.13 , DJ Fhantom, Doc Colibri , Sir.Vixx and Ludovic!

2 Sociopath mixes by giBBo and Cutting Cutty respectively!

2009/01/14 New Releases:

[SRmp3 125] Coreboy - The Aesthetic Show
[SRmp3 124] Non Human -
From Nowhere To Nowhere

2008/12/31 New Releases:

[SRmp3 123] Swampyboy - Suicidal Symphonies
In the end of 2008, Swampyboy releases his latest album"Sucidal Symphonies"! Full of melodious and tuneful chiptune with high-speed breakcore/amen jungle! Give up the cheat code! Just follow him to save princess!
[SRmp3 122] Bionic Commandos -
Dominator v.s. Vixx
New 8-bit/chipbreaks co-project by Sir.Vixx and Common Dominator! Two knights will take you to hunt dragon! A+B dash! Strike Anywhere!!!!



[SRmp3 123] Swampyboy -  Suicidal Symphonies
[SRmp3 122] Bionic Commandos - Dominator v.s. Vixx

In Jan, 2009 : Coreboy, Non Human and many many cool Sociopath tune in future year!!!


Forthcoming: 2 8-bit/chiptune album!

[SRmp3 121] Corecontax - Core Complex

[SRmp3 120] Thank Fuscia & Pixel_Play? -
Distortion Of My Heart
My Photos 
Thank Fuscia                      Pixel_Play?


2008/11/18 New Releases:

[SRmp3 119] Fed. - Noise, Hash and Meat
[SRmp3 118] Asteroth - Nu°°
[SRmp3 117] H5N1- Canalinhos
[SRmp3 116] Kamikaze Deadboy - The Nocturnalist

2008/10/28 New Releases:

[SRmp3 115] Doc Colibri - Surboum
[SRmp3 114] The Ghost Of 3.13 - Between Light And Darkness
[SRmp3 113] Sir.Vixx - Mass Destruction
[SRmp3 112] Latex Kick - Cobwebsanddust

2008/10/10 New Releases:

[SRmp3 111] Psudaform - Stalking Infinity  
Psudaform's second release on Sociopath Recordings. Last time, he brought dark and heavy drum'n'core style. This time, He brings unique glitch-dubstep tunes!

[SRmp3 110] Substance B - Soulseek Warriors 
Our new Sociopath member, Substance B from France, old-skool mashup breakcore/gabba tune!
You have to try it!!! Don't miss it!



album/e.p. by Psudaform , Substance B , The Ghost Of 3.13 , Latex Kick , Doc Colibri and Kamikaze Deadboy!
yeah! and Gabbenni Amenassi  's new Sociopath mix!

2008/09/22 New Releases:

[SRmp3 109] Brainpain - Madness And Obsession
[SRmp3 108] Mithra - Childhood Remixes
[SRmp3 107] Abortifacient / L'homme Fatal / Poor Jiffy - 
                                        International Bastardpop Superstars Split



[SRmp3 109] Brainpain - Madness And Obsession
[SRmp3 108] Mithra - Childhood Remixes
[SRmp3 107] Abortifacient/L'homme fatal/Poor Jiffy - International Bastardpop Superstars split

2008/09/05 New Releases:

[SRmp3 106] ScatDose - Empty Rooms
[SRmp3 105] Baconhanger - Sick Sick Sexxx
[SRmp3 104] DJ Zwan - Zwanbreakz
[SRmp3 103] U.S.A. KING$ v.s. Annoying Ringtone - Dancecore Olympixxx



album/e.p. from

DJ Zwan
USA king & Annoying Ringtone
Abortifacient & L'homme fatal & Poor Jiffy




(only Taiwanese version)

2008/08/26 New Releases:

Sociopath Recordings 100th Releases!!!

"Sociopath Community"

[SRmp3 100-2] Various Artists - Sociopath Community Part.2
[SRmp3 100-1] Various Artists - Sociopath Community Part.1

44 artists, over 180 mins breakcore, hardcore, idm, jungle, electro music!!!

2008/08/07 New Releases:

[SRmp3 102] ChopChop - Choprosy
[SRmp3 101] Swampyboy - Summer Spent Indoors



Chop Chop - Choprosy
Second full-length album by Chop Chop on Sociopath. Lots of quality junglecore and more dubstep tunes!
Swampyboy - Summer Spent Indoor
Swampyboy's 3rd album on Sociopath. Melo-chiptune with crazy and exciting amen junglecore/drill'n'bass!

Various Artists - Sociopath Community

Celebration compilation for Sociopath 100th release!!! There will be more than 35 artists from all around the world joining!!!  

2008/07/23 New Releases:

[SRmix 002] GabbaRaggaMashBreakGrindCore by Gabbenni Amenassi

2008/07/11 New Releases:

[SRmp3 099] Burglecut - Outrage
[SRmp3 098] Sir.Vixx - Keep Hating I'm Re-Loading 
[SRmp3 097] Gabbenni Amenassi - MultiCore
[SRmp3 096] au2pilot - Pushing The Envelope

Enjoy the latest releases!!!!


NOW! Here comes Sociopath 100th release!


Demo submission starts now. It will be a free and excellent compilation.

Easy rules:

1. music style: breakcore , junglecore , raggacore, hardcore, idm, drum'nbass , gabba, chiptune, dubstep, experimental breaks....

NO 4/4 trance, progressive, house, boring noise and noise ambient. sorry about that.

2. please send your cool track in "192 kbps mp3" via email " sociopathrecordings@gmail.com with your hompage or myspace link and tell me which country you come from" .

If we like your music we will reply you asap~

3. Deadline: 2008/08/01

All Sociopath! it's time to rise up!!!

2008/06/25 New Releases:

[SRmp3 095] The Ghost Of 3.13 - Broken Toys
[SRmp3 094] Brokoli & Goroe - Sichki Se Daviat V Maispeis Blatoto
[SRmp3 093] Kamikaze Deadboy & Fucked76 - Split ep
[SRmp3 092] Technique.planet - Liquor

2008/06/20 News:


[SRmp3 095] The Ghost Of 3.13 - Broken Toys
Beautiful melo-classics with jungle beatz!

[SRmp3 094] Goroe & Brokoli - Sichki Se Daviat V Maispeis Blatoto
Excellent breakcore/experimental breaks tune by Goroe and our new member Brokoli!!!

[SRmp3 093] Kamikaze Deadboy & Fucked76 - Split ep
Experimental breakcore by our old member KDB and some curious tune by Fucked76

[SRmp3 092] Technique.planet - Liquor
New friend from Russia brings some dark and heavy electronics/jungle tune!

In July:

the founder of Rottgut will bring his 2nd album on Sociopath! More Breakcore/IDM/Grindcore style!!!

Gabbenni Amenassi from Russia will give us one brand new album and one mixed set mp3! You can check out his previous album on Rus Zud (http://www.ruszud.com)! 

Another cool guy from France called Burglecut will give us his extreme breakcore/metalcore album "Outrage"! You can download his previous album on NKS Internationl (
http://nksinternational.free.fr)! It's real hard!!!

And also in summer vacation (acutally i have no summer vacation :oP ), maybe there will be a limited split CDr ep by me and my Taiwanese friend "Leftform". He starts to make some dubstep/idm stuff! I hope it could be done on time~

2008/06/09 New Releases:

[SRmp3 091] Fed. v.s. Annoying Ringtone - Baking 
[SRmp3 090] JacobeaT - My Invisible Friend 
[SRmp3 089] Asteroth - Squash 
[SRmp3 088] Puke Flytalker - Drum Machines Don't Argue 

2008/05/27 Forthcoming:

"Fed. v.s. Annoying Ringtone - Baking
 JacobeaT - My Invisible Friend
 Asteroth - Squash
 Puke Flytalker - Drum Machines Don't Argue


 The Ghost Of 3.13 - Broken Toys
 Goroe & Brokoli - Split ep
 Technique.planet - Liquor
 Burglecut - Outrage
 Kamikaze Deadboy & Fucked76 - Split ep

2008/05/20 New Releases:

[SRmp3 087] Hellboy - Through The Gutter 
[SRmp3 086] Bath Aide - A Cambrian Explosion  
[SRmp3 085] Common Dominator - Step Into My Dimention 
[SRmp3 084] Swampyboy - Broken Smile 


5/10 DRUMCORPS X B2TF @ Underworld

Ironska (Sociopath Recordings
★★☆ (Back 2 the Future)

5/10 PM 8:30~AM1:00 在地下社會UNDERWORLD

2008/05/05 New Releases:

[SRmp3 083] Horion - No Fear Restriction 
[SRmp3 082] Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra - Sigma God Metal 
[SRmp3 081] Rekombinacja - Notoryczni Wyznawcy Ewidentnych Uproszczen 
[SRmp3 080] Skodvolt - Rhubarb Wrecker 

2008/04/20 New Releases:

[SRmp3 079] The Nailbomb Cults - Speedbooty Anthems Vol.1 
[SRmp3 078] Randomatik Blast & Pattern J - Planet Zero 
[SRmp3 077] Swampyboy - Cheesy Chips 
[SRmp3 076] Terra-Phi & Oh No Its Howard - Storm Stories (irl) 

2008/04/09 New Releases:

[SRmp3 075] Baconhanger - Hoosier Holocauspitality 
[SRmp3 074] Mithra - Suffrages 
[SRmp3 073] Madah Gasébré - Oniiri 
[SRmp3 072] Evil Of Pain - Nitro Punch 

2008/03/28 New Releases:

[SRmp3 071] I Wannabe - Missing My Frau 
[SRmp3 070] DJ Power Roofing - Eleventhirtydietcokebreakcore 
[SRmp3 069] The Televisor - Cyclothymia 


Evil Of Pain, Madah Gasébré, Mithra, Nailbomb Cults, Randomatik Blast, Swampyboy and Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra!

2008/03/15 New Releases:

[SRmp3 068] Asteroth - DisturbingCheapNoise 
[SRmp3 067] Barbara's Straight Son - The Do - Re - Mixes Vol.1 
[SRmp3 066] Japery - Crabmeat Beats 

2008/03/03 New Releases:

[SRmp3 065] Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good 
[SRmp3 064] Fed. - Everybody Sucks 
[SRmp3 063] Scandinavian Noize Syndicate - Broken  

2008/02/22 New Releases:

[SRmp3 062] Alex Tune - Wind Of Changes 
[SRmp3 061] DJ Fhantom - Ian Huntleys Killah Kutzz
[SRmp3 060] ReHAB - Skwelch
[SRmp3 065] Kkrusty - A Change Could Do Us Some Good
[SRmp3 064] Fed. - Everybody Sucks
[SRmp3 063] Scandinavian Noize Syndicate - Broken
And Asteroth, Barbara's Straight Son, Mithra, Japery, Night Walker , Ironska, Oh No Its Howard and Terra Phi!!!
Sociopath is Getting Stronger!!! 

2008/02/11 New Releases:
[SRmp3 059] TDF - Enlighted 
[SRmp3 058] TuneFreak - Earth's Core
[SRmp3 057] Kamikaze Deadboy - Samplecore Bible Volume 2 (the New Testament)

[SRmp3 059] TDF - Enlighted 
[SRmp3 058] TuneFreak - Earth's Core 
[SRmp3 057] Kamikaze Deadboy - Samplecore Bible Volume 2 (The New Testament)
And Alex Tune, DJ Fhantom, ReHab, Night Walker and Ironska!

2008/01/22 New Releases:
[SRmp3 056] giBBo - Oorlass 
[SRmp3 055] DJ Ratface - Keep It Ratcore 
[SRmp3 054] Crunk Pappa - Mashitup 

2008/01/08 New Releases:
[SRmp3 053] Narcopsy - Heavens & Hells
[SRmp3 052] Sir.Vixx - Breakcore Is Another Word For Loser 
[SRmp3 051] Psychonaught - Geordie Stepper Vol.1 

2007/12/26 New Releases:
[SRmp3 050] Chop Chop - Roboplegic Wrongcock

[SRmp3 049] Timmy Turntable - Hello, My Name Is Timmy
[SRmp3 048]
EX.Zero - From The Netherlands With Love

Next on Sociopath in Jan and Feb,2008!!!
Album/E.P. of
Sir.Vixx, Narcopsy, Psychonaught, MR. Messiah, Kamikaze Deadboy, giBBo, Tunefreak, DJ Ratface, Crunk Pappa and Night Walker!!!

2007/12/11 New Releases:
[SRmp3 047] Autopsy Protocol - Do You Like Banana?
Autopsy Protocol 's debut release on Sociopath. There are 6 new tracks and 9 extra tracks taken from his first album in 1999. DON'T MISS IT!!!!

[SRmp3 046] Negrobeat - Dawson Leery
Negrobeat's 3rd release (Rataxes...Are You Kidding? and Sociopah Blitzkrieg) on Sociopath. And this is a full-length album!!! GET READY!! GO!!!!

[SRmp3 045] Trebor Nametab - Elementary 
Trebor Nametab is a guy from UK who make lots of beautiful sounds! Melo-IDM, Glitch tunes and drill'n'bass. You have to listen the track "Cat & Mouse" and other excellent stuff in this e.p.!


The analog Assassin, sKuL, Jim Kelly Dolemite 's e.p. will be released tomorrow!


Akaratz, Rappeur Qualité Prix and And. 's e.p. and mini album coming soon!

2007/10/26 New Releases:

Sociopath Recordings presents: 
       Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg
37 artists! Over 2hours breakcore/junglecore/gabba/experimental breaks big shot!!!
[SRCOMP 001]
Various Artists - Sociopath Blitzkrieg



e.p. of Deathmash, Mod Ros , Akaratz, Ironska and Sociopath first compilation!

2007/09/14 New Releases:
[SRmp3 036] Ku:nt - Fresh Ear Rape #1
[SRmp3 035] Kamikaze Deadboy - Teenage Mutant Ninja Breakcore

2007/09/03 New Releases:
[SRmp3 034] Mimes For Smack - Who Killed My Moonlight?
[SRmp3 033] Traits - No Lightweight

2007/08/17 New Releases:
[SRmp3 032] Dead#339 - Dead
[SRmp3 031] Psychonaught - Mystery Lines


1. Psychonaught's  debut ep for Sociopath! Totally in dupstep style!

2. Dead # 339's ep "dead". Distorted terror industry/hardcore sounds!

Please be patient!

2007/06/12 New Releases:
[SRmp3 026] Snoblind - Songs in the Key of Hope
[SRmp3 025] Night Walker - Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

2007/06/02 New Release:
[SRmp3 022] Psudaform - Psudaform

2007/05/23 New Release:
[SRmp3 024] Owain Lewis - Darkness


1. Psudaform 's e.p. for Sociopath. There will be 4 killa tech-drum'n'core tracks in this ep!

2. Snoblind (instrumental hip-hop/downtempo artists from Hong Kong) will bring us some different and beauty sounds!  

3. Night Walker's 3rd release for Sociopath and it will be a very excellent double sets contain 23 tracks!
Please be patient! They are coming soon!!!

2007/05/15 New Releases:
[SRmp3 020] Maskinanlegg - Theorizing Homosexuality

2007/05/09 New  Releases:
[SRmp3 021] Knarf - Meffert

2007/05/07 New  Releases:
[SRmp3 023] Negrobeat - Rataxes...Are You Kidding?

2007/4/24 New  Releases:
[SRmp3 019] Gekko - Cutting Colours into Four

2007/3/26 New Releases:
[SRmp3 018] Overthruster - More More More
[SRmp3 017] Les Sécrétions Romantiques - Fat & Furious
[SRmp3 016] Kwasior - Tournament
[SRmp3 015] Night Walker - Ill Effect (Night Walker's 2nd mini-album on Sociopath Recordings)

Nesh's new 3 tracks ep under Marionette Records . Free Downloadable!

We changed sociopath website address to
"sociopath-recordings.com". Original adress is still active.

2007/3/8 New Releases:
[SRmp3 014] On the Rim of the Wheel a Nail -Junkie in the Trunky Trunk
[SRmp3 013] Gekko - Intellegent Breaks for Stupid People
[SRmp3 012] Toiletooth - Montevideo

2007/2/20 New Releases:
[SRmp3 009] Weirdo - maDnBrain
[SRmp3 010] KENDO - Living in Leeds
[SRmp3 011] Nesh - Episodic
All are excellent experimental d'n'b/breakcore/mashup/idm stuff! Just go to DL!

2007/1/31 New Releases:

Ramide's Toxoplasmosist. Leftfield electronica and experimental breaks with hyperspace atmosphere. Really nice stuff! And if you wanna know more about Ramide, you can go to her site on my space. You will see lots of cool stuff!

The Thing with the Stuff - Bathroom Voices. The Thing with the Stuff is a one-man band. You can listen lots kind of elements in her stuff, like rock, funk, electric sounds , funny toys noises, cut-and-paste sampling and others! Amazing and funny sounds are full of this ep!

Bologna Violenta - Take No Prisoners. You can watch his copious experience in artists page when listening his stuff. Fast and exciting digital punk, grindcore soundz! There are 3 Taiwanese words on the cover of release. It means "Take no prisoners" in Taiwanese!

2007/1/24 New Releases:

Night Walker (from Japan)' first ep "Kill or Die" is out on Sociopath. Melo-IDM, drill'n'bass and electro beautiful sounds. Just click to download to your mp3 player!

Future works: Excellent Releases of Ramide (from Italy), Bologna Violenta (from Italy), The Thing with the Stuff (from US), Les Sécrétions Romantiques (from France), Modafilineproject (from France) and The H8Rs (from US) coming soon!!!

2007/1/12 New Releases:

 Ironska & Pleasedont split ep! Hardcore and noise style , so please listen with lower volume.

Buck Lorentz's first ep "Caresse Intime/SONAR" on Sociopath recordings. Groovy and abstract electro sounds! You have to check it out!


Moorieman's debut ep "The Past Is The Present of The Future " is out now. Three progressive breaks style tracks.

Ironska's 2nd ep "Homework Vol.1" will be issued on Sociopath Recordings in Jan 2007. But you can download it right now! Whatever!

IN 2007: Beatboxing Chicken - T.B.A. ep , Ironska & Pleasedont - split ep?