Photograph A

This photograph is “an eight year old boy named Michael McNelis, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania selling newspapers in big rain storm” (Child Labor in America: Investigative Photos of Lewis Hine). I chose this photo because it was heart touching to see the little boy was selling newspapers to help his family pay their bills. The social context is in the United States around 1910. The boy was located in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the streets. His social class is from a poor to lower middle class by the way that he is dressed.I feel like that boy and other boys in this time frame of 1908 to 1912 is  when the boys were competitive and harassed each other to try to get the most buck for their newspaper. Some boys that were in the ingroup were strong and got most for their newspapers. These boys were in the poor living conditions because the father was more harsh due to the fact that they needed every cent to help them pay the bills off, such as mortgage of the house or bills for the house or food to provide for the family.