The Social Informatics Cluster is a vibrant forum where academics from Informatics, Business Studies, Science Technology and Innovation Studies, and Medicine collaborate to further the interdisciplinary study of the social aspects of computing.

Cluster members present their research at meetings on a diverse array of topics, including: the social organisation of work, the politics of e-health, innovation processes, the social shaping of technology and standards, the sociology of routines, and the utilisation and social impacts of technologies in the third sector and in developing economies. Recently cluster members have reflected upon how their research intersects conceptually and methodologically with existing studies of Information Infrastructure, and this workshop was in part conceived as a way of deepening and broadening these explorations.

The Social Informatics Cluster is based in the Informatics Forum: 
which on Google Maps is here:

We meet in IF1.16 between 9.30 and 11.00am. This room is on the first
floor almost immediately above the reception. 

Please get in touch with Mark Hartswood, the convenor of the group, if you want to be added to the mailing list. All information about the group, its activities and future meetings is communicated through the mailing list.

A selection of talks is also available on YouTube: Social Informatics Cluster in the ISSTI channel