A TyCobbsTeeth Thriller
by Robert Smith

"There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy."
—Alfred Henry Lewis

Ben Donnelly just got his life back together. Now, the world around him is falling apart.

A drought swept across the planet causing food shortages worldwide. Its effects crept across the planet for weeks. Riots broke out and violence ensued, but that was only the beginning.
Chaos began to tear away at the very fabric of society. Americans sat back and watched as civilians around the world descended into darkness. Their government told them they were safe--insulated, as the rest of the world was pulled into the quickening spiral.

The Donnelly family finds catastrophic events have now reached their quiet neighborhood. America too is being sucked into the vortex--terror has found them. Their life and everything around them is about to be torn apart.
Ben Donnelly, a former S.W.A.T. officer with the Boston police force, is in the fight of his life and will do anything to protect his family from the storm of inhumanity.

This highly acclaimed novel received a revision in April of 2017. 
A new closing chapter for this latest revision,
penned by Caleb Morrison (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
rounds out the first installment of the 9 Meals Sega.

"not only an exploration of a subject that might come true but also an exploration of human nature."
—Rickus Bookshelf

"A taught suspenseful thriller that keeps you turning the pages!"
—Howard Lipman

"a story that would have made The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling very proud. Society for Supper was a top-notch thriller."
—George Reviews

"This is a thrilling read; beware – you can’t help getting involved."
Karen, My Train of Thoughts

"This is a real fight for survival that keeps you wanting more. I found it a definite page turner."
Angie Trafford Book Reviews


In 2016, Society for Supper rose to number 2 on Amazon's Best Seller List
for the category: Suspense

Amazon Best Seller

Front Cover

Recommended reading: BREAKFAST is SEVERED
the short-story thriller that spawned the novel, SOCIETY for SUPPER (a parallel storyline).

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