Payment page

All new memberships or renewals made between December 1, 2019 through April 1, 2020 will benefit from the generous donation made by fellow SPE members by having a discounted membership fee of $10 (USD). A regular SPE membership is $35 (USD). This membership will expire in December 31, 2020, along with any new or renewed membership made between April 2, 2020 through November 30, 2020. You can also donate any amount you would like to help support the SPE in pursuing its mission, and you can elect your donation to go towards any of the following:

  • SPE Future Operating Costs
  • American Philosophical Association Conference AV Fees
  • Graduate Student Member Travel Fund
  • Underfunded Professional SPE Member Travel Fund
  • Disability Access Travel Fund
  • SPE Director Travel Fund

Furthermore, for a donation of $275 (USD) or more, you can become an SPE Benefactor.

Please choose the quantity of the desired items, and