The Vice Chancellor of the W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences shall be the ex-officio Patron of the Society and shall have overriding powers over all activities and decisions taken by the Society. Prof.  Mahendra P. Singh is the Present Patron of the Society. 

The Coordinator of the School of Private Laws and Comparative Jurisprudence shall be the ex-officio Chairperson of the Society and shall head the Society. Mr. Supriyo Routh is the Present Chairperson of the Society.

The Society shall comprise of Student members. Currently the membership is  as follows:

1. Mayank Misra

2. Murtaza Ali A. Somjee (Director)

3. Mohammed Abid

4. Raul Saha

5. Sharmistha Chakrabarti (Director)

6. Shruti S.

7. Tirthankar Datta

8. Annie Philip

9. Apoorva Anubhuti

10. Kavita Manipadam

11. Aparajita Das 

12. Arjun Sinha

13. Vibhu Sharma