Toward a Global Parliament

An article by Richard Falk- an authority on international law, former faculty at princeton, a leading thinkeron the restructuring of the extant world order and one of the pioneers of the global democracy movement. 

The 1st Virtual Congress on world citizenship and democratic Global Governace

Global Democracy without State

Good Reading Guide

The Challenge of Global Democracy

Report of an NGO Retreat Addressing the Democratic Deficits in International Decision Making

Reform at the United Nations

A Democratic United Nations

The United Nations is marking its sixtieth anniversary in 2005 by seeking to redefine its role as the central focus of world politics. openDemocracy writers examine the arguments, plans, and divisions that surround this process.

The Retreat of Global Democracy

This article authored by Kaushik Basu is an excellent reading.

International Regimes and the Prospects for Global Democracy

The Need for a Global Democracy: Obstacles and Reworking Structure

A students thesis submitted in the course of his Masters Degree

Global Democracy

A brief article by Heikki Patomaki is a Professor of IR and the Research Director of the Network Institute for Global Democratisation.