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His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama blessed Bulgarian Buddhist Society

Recognition of Buddhist Society in Bulgaria

Representatives of the Bulgarian Buddhist Society have established relations with the Office of His Holiness, the state and the spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama. For 8 hours Bulgarian Buddhists overcame the road to Slovenia, Maribor, where at the invitation of the Mayor of Maribor, a local college and other Slovenian institutions, the Dalai Lama delivered a series of lectures. In the hall of the Drama Theatre of Maribor and the city stadium His Holiness was welcomed by thou
sands of people. His lectures were devoted to the new ethics and morality in the new millenium, aimed at happiness and harmony of each individual and every living entity. This new ethics strongly differs from the values of material culture and material world.
Compassion... Life in a harmony with every living thing and everyday miracles, overcoming pragmatic consciousness, are those values by which man transcends the death of his body...
Buddhism has always worked to expand the limited human consciousness and to restore extinct connection with the Universe. It can be seen as a religion and perception of the most essential, as a way to overcome human limitations and create a better world in which there is no suffering, no pain, no injustice, in which the highest values are truth, light and happiness for all, freely, now and forever.

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