Buddhist Society in Bulgaria follows the principles of the tradional Tibetan Buddhism.  Our ambition is to defend, maintain and spread over the society the idea for spiritual beginning and ways for man’s spiritual uprising and perfection.  We encourage the human values like compassion, tolerance, generosity, morals and forgiveness, needed for the achievement of enlightenment and spiritual uprising.  We endeavor to secure the necessary environment for spiritual and personal development for any one who wishes to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Buddhist Society in Bulgaria is officially registered in 2005 in accordance with the legislation of Republic Bulgaria, while the society was formed long time before the official registration. 

            Bulgaria is a small country, which is part of the European Union since 2007.  The World Economic Crisis and the Planet Climate Cataclysms affected not only the economic situation of the country, but they provoked crisis in the human relations, and the fear for everyday survival pushed the societies to utilitarianism, materialism, selfishness and absence of spirituality.  In this connection one of our goals is to build in Bulgaria Buddhist spiritual center for meditation, which became our main priority.  We hope that this tope to become an oasis for spiritual training and meditation, to increase the knowledge of awakening and achieve enlightenment.

                                                                        Bulgarian Buddhist Society