II. International Conference on Conflict Terrorism, and Society


“Putting People First: Terrorism and Human Security”


Kadir Has University,  Istanbul, Turkey 
November 2-4, 2010

There seems to be a growing acceptance that the traditional state-based security paradigm fails to accommodate and rightfully address the complex causes of insecurity in contemporary world politics. Millions of people are killed every year by civil wars, environmental disasters, famine, preventable diseases, poverty and violation of human rights that are largely brushed aside by the narrow understanding of security as derived merely from military threats. The idea of a state as a sufficient and effective provider of security to its people becomes highly dubious when states in fact become the primary source of insecurity for many people who live under their sovereignty rather than the armed forces of third parties. Thus, the status of the state as the primary referent of security has become highly suspect as states are becoming less adept in fulfilling their traditional tasks in the face of challenges that defy their boundaries.


A people- centered approach is integral to national and global security as violent conflicts in the post-Cold War era increasingly have their origins in human insecurity. Human security approach has become widely accepted as a valuable analytical and policy tool in understanding and responding to the changing nature of conflict in the current era. This conference aims to explore security within a multidisciplinary framework drawing insights from a number of research fields including international relations, peace and conflict studies, human rights and global communications as the purveyor of security discourses. The severity and distinct character of current security challenges requires a fundamental overview of the dominant approaches that have so far proven ineffective in tackling them We hope that this conference will ignite much needed fresh thinking on security and collaboration among various disciplines. Possible topics for papers include but not limited to:


  • Human security: conceptual issues
  • Human Security, International Law and State Perspectives
  • Non-state actors and human security
  • Human security approach to counter terrorism
  • Human security and prevention of terrorism
  • Suicide terrorism and human security
  • Human security and democracy
  • Human rights and security
  • Security and communication
  • Media’s role is security issues


Submit a 500 word maximum proposal or paper to:

Banu Baybars-Hawks

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Faculty of Communications, Kadir Has University, Istanbul-TURKEY

banubhawks@khas.edu.tr or, 


Aylin S. Görener

Assistant Professor of International Relations

Faculty of Economics, Kadir Has University



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You will be notified by June 25, 2010 regarding the status of your proposal.



For further information about the conference, contact:
Dr. Banu Baybars-Hawks (banubhawks@khas.edu.tr), or

Dr. Aylin S. Görener (gorener@khas.edu.tr)