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   Société des musiciens extraordinaires.


The “Scociété des musiciens extraordinaires”  intends to create a possibility for musicians to present new classical compositions either by performing for eachother or discussing the new works with members of the society. A group of invitees will meet regularly, building a network of musicians that gives more thought to the new classical music. We would very much like to see that this music gets the recognition`it deserves, next to the current classical repertoire in the Netherlands.

  Our aim :

 -To set up a society of performers, composers and listeners that will enthusiastically contribute to the innovation of the music repertoire.

 -With this society we want to attain that our contemporary music gets an important place next to the classical repertoire.


 We hope:

 -That the above-mentioned target groups can meet on a regular basis in order to exchange ideas. Between listener, performer and composer there will be a continuous mutual interaction.


   -That all participants will be available to give their best to the modern music and are willing to communicate with each other as well as present new and unknown works :

a. The performer plays, if required, a composition “a provi” or by agreement. Every performer gets a chance and everyone concerned has his own place and responsibility.

b. The composer informs the members about his work and explains his ideas. A related lecture or the new media are amongst the possibilities.

c. The listener is actively present, i.e. takes part in the discussions, gives a music-related lecture or invites people to listen to musical discoveries.


   -Sub. When one of the society members thinks to have found a valuable discovery in the music area with regard to performance, composer or composition he may share this with the society. Possibly with the new media : Facebook, Linkedin, Skype etc. or any other form.


And of course the composer, listener or performer will support the host(ess) of the evening with the organization.

For the time being the gathering will take place in the house of one of the members. The costs will be shared amongst the participants. There is no entry fee: the society will be non-profit.


 What can be expected of a meeting ?


-The presentation and performance of  a work of one of the members which will be discussed afterwards.

 -Time for lecturing on musical subjects etc.

 -Active input of the participants.


Who are we ?

The originators of this society are Geoffrey Madge and Maurice Verheul.


Geoffrey Madge is concertpianist and was senior professor of piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He has given numerous concerts worldwide and made many CD’s. He studied a.o. with Géza Anda.


Maurice Verheul works in the education area, is composer and piano teacher. He has an extensive oeuvre of more than 750 compositions.


 Whom are we aiming at ?

 Are you a passionate listener, an instrumentalist or a (performing) composer of new music ?

Are you committed to propagate this kind of music and bring it back into the public domain ? If that is the case, you are very welcome !



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