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A collection of resources compiled with the human service professional and the consumers they serve in mind

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Human services is comprised of a wide variety of professional specialities.  As a licensed addictions counselor and licensed certified clinical social worker, these pages are likely to reflect my own biases.  Having worked collaboratively with a vairety of professionals, the hope is that this exposure provided sufficient amounts of professionally diverese perspectives, that all human service professionals can find something useful contained in these pages.  

The number of free tools and the quantity of informative resources available on the world wide web is truly astounding if you have the time to search for them.  The challenge is sifting through the useless trash to find the treasure.  As the exploration itself intrigues me, I hope that my searches have uncovered resources which others can use to improve the quality of their life and/or the lives of those they serve.  At the least, this compilation of treatment and case management resources will provide some entertainment for a moment.  Thank you for visiting the Social Work of Life.