The World Wide Web for the Fields of Human Service

Web Based Resources for the Human Service Professional

The World Wide Web Experience

A collection of links providing basic education on the internet and the world wide web.

History of the World Wide Web

Finding Information on the Net

A Social Worker Internet Tutorial

NASW-Online Course

About Web-Servers

Web Master World

Educator's Toolkit

Internet for Social Policy




Social Bookmarking

There are many social bookmarking options you can use. The following links will educate you about the benefits and uses of social bookmarking.  They will also give you access to the many social bookmaring applications you can use. 

Social Bookmarking Explained

7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Tool

Listable-192 Resources on Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmaring Tools & Utilities

My Stumble Upon Pages

Stumble upon is a unique social bookmarking experience.  Come and visit my pages for an introduction.  They contain a wide collection of academically geared websites that I found useful.  Explore the wide array of stumble pages from other stumblers.  Artists, comedians and  philosophers. Every one's pages offer personality and open many doors to the lives of people around the world and to the world wide web itself.

Blogging & Websites

 Create Your Own Blog or Website

Anyone can create a website today if they are comfortable with a computer and surfing the net.  It can be a rewarding hobby, informative and entertaining.  All this, and free resources to do it.  Yes, it really is that simple.  Check it out for yourself.

The World of Google

There is so much to say about Google that I had to create a page dedicated to it's many utilities.

Organizations Using Technology to Improve the World


Human Services International Technology Applications is a site dedicated to the collaboration of human service professionals and information technology professionals who together are working to pursue humanitarian causes.

 Nursing Technology

This site examines how technology can increase the productivity and effectivenss of nurses now and in the future.


This site "continues to be one of the best places on the Internet to meet transhumanists for challenging and creative discussions about the future".

SVSD Classroom Technology

A resources for educators who are looking for ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Life In The Wires


Government Technology






     Becoming familiar with the Web based resources available  today will open many doors for you in the field of human services.  More importantly, your ability to maximize these resources will increase your effectiveness as a professional. 

Where Old Technology Dies?

 Electronic databases, blue tooth, websites, emails, and wireless networks are just a few terms that come to my mind when thinking about technologies currently used. Some may resist integrating these resources in their day to day practice.  As evidenced by this website, I have a bias.  Clearly using technologically based resources is something I enjoy or creating a website would not be one of my hobbies.  However, even if you don't enjoy learning about the possibilities that technology offers, or  you believe the old way of doing this is better. It is still important to keep an open mind.  Explore your options.  Sometimes  doing things the way they have always been done is the more effective approach.  However, sometimes it is not. You will never have the opportunity to evaluate your options if you don't explore them.  This site is designed to provide some useful links to web based resources that are available to you.  Hopefully doors will be opened for you.  If you don't like the space you find yourself in, simply close the door.  Exploration is an adventure, not a commitment.