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The social issues of today will become our destiny: Do you know what your future holds?

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The world has become so vast it is almost as though we have forgotten that each one of us are responsible for the state of affairs today.  It is so easy to go about our day to day life, concerned only about today and our own families.  The idea that it takes a village to raise a child, faded away long ago.   Many neighbors do not even know each others names, let a lone feel a sense of responsibility for the people living next to them.  It is no surprise, that as the worlds population continues to expand, more and more people suffer from feelings of isolation. Incidents of violence continue to increase and environmental resources are abused and depleted.  The challenge to day, is to reflect on the direction society is headed and take ownership for the role our of own actions. It is our actions as a collective human race which may ultimately contribute to the worlds evolution or destruction.  Today, inequality, environmental threats,  and a breakdown of the family unit are just some of the concerns we are facing.  Use this page to educate yourself.  Hopefully the information contained here will motivate and equip you to be a positive force in your family, community and country.