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The word policy ignites different reactions for different people. Some may disconnect from a conversation when they hear the word, simply identifying it as an uninspiring bureaucratic processes. Others my hear the word policy, and feel invigorated by the opportunity it brings.

Working in a leadership position, opportunities to engage in the development of program level policies frequently present themselves. Unfortunately once developed, these well thought out plans routinely end up gathering dust in a policy manual on someone's bookcase. A wasted resource, program's suffer when this happens. After all, effective policies on micro, mezzo and macro levels are essential. Even more vital then the establishment of these effective policies is their successful implementation. 

The existence of a sound policy is only part of the solution to an effective and productive infrastructure. The field of human services requires Federal, State, local and program policies that protect the rights of everyone in our society, facilitate efficient processes and guide programs in their day to day operations. Equally important is that they are implemented consistently and adapted to the changing needs of our world when necessary.  Granted, this is a tall order. But, creating policies with out establishing a process to ensure that they are carried out is unproductive. The opportunity for organizational and governmental change that sound policy development and implementation can offer is inspirational. However, it is easy to empathize with the perception of those who see policy as a pointless bureaucratic process when their exposure has been limited to either poorly designed policies or policies that have been unsuccessful in their implementation. For sound policy to make a difference, it must be initiated under competent leaders with have access to adequate resources.

I encourage you to educate yourself on the policies that impact our world today. Whether you are inspired by their possibilities or discouraged by the barriers they can create, ignorance to the contents and process of policies will limit your ability to successfully pursue individual, consumer, program or societal goals. This page is a compilation of policy related links to provide sources of information as well as avenues for involvement to those interested in learning about or in taking a role in policy initiatives.