Employment in the Fields of Human Services

A collection of employment resources for those interested in entering the Human Services field or for those looking for a career change within the field.

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A career in the field of Human Services can be incredibly rewarding and challenging. Whether you are merely entertaining the idea of a career in human services or are already a seasoned professional, this page contains useful links for you.

American's decline in job satisfaction is an indicator that people are not matching their career choices with their proclivities. By creating a career plan based on established goals, interests and skills you can avoid this rut.

Regardless of your professional path, it is important to evaluate your interests and abilities so that the road you take will lead to inspirational and rewarding employment opportunities . The ability to earn income while engaging in activities that you find rewarding is a career goal worth aspiring towards. Working in a position you enjoy, will not only improve your quality of life but it will also increase your chances for professional success.

The value of intrinsic rewards found in fulfilling employment experiences should not be underestimated. Earning a living wage is necessary. Earning a high salary is a perk. Although money may not buy happiness, financial success is a benefit. Do not make the mistake however, of choosing your career path based on the pursuit of material rewards or you may find yourself wealthy and unhappy. Take the following online career test and...

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