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     The Social Work profession is guided by our code of ethics.  These ethics provide a paradigm governing every legitimate professional decision and action made by practicing social workers.  By reviewing the code of ethics anyone can  gather an understanding of the fundamental principals of our practice.

     The majority of social workers are immersed in the trenches, providing much needed services to a variety of vulnerable populations.  As a result, our perspective is not adequately represented on the world wide web. This virtual community is an ideal forum to educate, advocate and promote relevant topics and issues addressed by our profession.  Websites and blogs are the doors to new opportunities for our field.


The Bus by Irving Norman-1953


    Harnessing education, training, and experience, contributions can be made to the field of human services by helping to keep it on the cutting edge of this networked universe. Equipped with a professional background in human services, a general aptitude, and developing personal interest in the world wide web and web design, the hope is to connect with the vast audiences who regularly travel this super highway. The vision of this website is to access, inspire and motivate by:

  • Providing  information relevant to Human Service professionals.
  • Offering a forum for Social Workers  and other Humans Service professionals to share their knowledge, experience and perspectives.
  • Educating and engaging the general public around social issues faced by the world today.   
  • Creating a liberal environment where  the right for everyone to express varying opinions and perspectives is respected.
  • Fostering critical thinking and solution oriented thought processes.
  • Harnessing and directing the energies of those who support the values delineated in this site so that they can take an active role in protecting, promoting and advocating for worldwide social justice.

With that said, welcome to the Social Work of Life.  At present it is a site under construction so please excuse any incomplete links or blank spaces on the pages.  I decided to put up this evolving site in hopes that readers would submit ideas or suggestions to me.  If you do have suggestions simply click on the webmaster link in the footer which is present on most of my published pages and email me your ideas.  Any successful venture, only becomes a success because of it's participants.  So please participate. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.