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Life goes by too quickly. We are constantly on the move with little thought of what tomorrow might bring. While there may be material things of value that we can leave to our family – all of those “things” will eventually have very little meaning. But our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams, and our memories – those are the true treasures of life! MALANJKHAND COPPER PROJECT Home Mining Consultantnew Sarla Nair India (Copper Mining Family)

 Blast Hole Open Stopes Blasting to Improve Fragmentation in Mines Coal Mining Vs. Metalliferous Mining CUT AND FILL MINING Development of an underground metal mine Inspection Mine Plan and Section Lead and Zinc Under Ground Mining Methods Mine Planning Engineer - Malanjkhand Copper MinesRaising methods in metal Mines Typical Sub Level Stopes (54mm dia holes) UNDERGROUND MINING METHODS AT KOLAR GOLD FIELDSBlasting Download page – Rules, Regulations, Research and Resources Blasting Principles for open pit mining Blasting Techniques in High Production underground metal Mines Controlled Blasting in Mines CORRECT BURDEN Explosives and Blasting in (Open Cast Mines) Ground Vibration and Air blast IN- HOLE DELAY SYSTEM INFORMATION REQUIRED DURING THE BLAST ROCK PROPERTIES Patanjali Yog Training CentreStatus of Metalliferous Mining in India SURFACE MINING EQUIPEMENTS View the web site of a Mining Engineer from India Feed Back Form Mining Engineer from Copper Mines in India ( Metalliferous Mines in India)
Vishu (Malayalam:വിഷു) വിഷു ആശംസകള്‍ Khetri Copper Complex Kolihan Copper Mines Malanjkhand Copper Project Mining Engineer Profile Narmada, making its way through the Marble Rocks New Vision of a Mining Engineer India ONAM GREETINGS 

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