Our memorable days at Malanjkhand

Life goes by too quickly. We are constantly on the move with little thought of what tomorrow might bring. While there may be material things of value that we can leave to our family – all of those “things” will eventually have very little meaning. But our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams, and our memories – those are the true treasures of life! Sarla Nair India (Copper Mining Family)Pilani Jhunjhunu Rajasthan Family Group photo at Khetrinagar Jhunjhunu Pilani Jhunjhunu Photo Rajasthani Village Photo - Jhunjhunu N G Nair and Sarla Nair India My Family Group Photo  N G Nair Photo   Our Days at Malanjkhand
MALANJKHAND COPPER PROJECT An Introduction to Malanjkhand Ariel View of Malanjkhand Malanjkhand Township Quarters Mechanized OpenCast Copper Mining Plantation at Malanjkhand Copper Project Wikimapia - Training Centre Malanjkhand Wikimapia Malanjkhand Copper Mines Layout Plan of Malanjkhand Copper Project 
Improved & Accurate Blasting Techniques with modern Precision Drilling – Key to Achieve techno-economics of High production Underground metal mines. Sublevel stoping for high production: Sublevel is one of the most important methods of choice for achieving high production rate in Underground Metalliferous mines.

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