History Rocks!

Dear Students, 

     Hope all of you are doing well during this extended time away from school. Stay safe, stay healthy, go for walks or bike rides, stream the Mass and help your parents at home.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

 Any classroom assignments and homework can be found through your Google classroom.  We have been using it all year and you know how to access it.  Thanks,  Ms. Krehely

Historical Artifact: The Fork by Mrs. Krehely 

    I found a fork while strolling through my kitchen and looking in the cabinets (as I was getting ready to eat!) It has been used by my family for many years and will be used for many more years! Its purpose is to feed me in a “civilized manner” so that I don’t have to eat my food with my hands. It helps my family and ultimately future generations of Krehelys by preventing the spread of disease. The use of a fork helps promote good hygiene because I do not have to worry about touching dirty fingers.

     Did you read a good book? If so, please share it with the class. Did you take pictures of your trips and discover anything new along the way? Did you ride your bike and catch fireflies? This is a great time to hit the many bike trails in the area. Take advantage of the many museums in the area when you are able to go out again. We are lucky to live next to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md. In Washington, visit the many Smithsonian Museums by clicking on this link for a guide to the Smithsonian Museum website. In Baltimore, visit the many area attractions by clicking here! In Maryland, take advantage of the many civil war attractions located near by by clicking here! If you visited a new church, please tell us about it and we will use Google Earth to find it. Have a great virtual adventure with your family and friends!

    My name is Ms. Krehely and many of you know me as your p.e. teacher. This year, I will be your social studies teacher and p.e. teacher. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you in both subjects. So, join me as we make the journey through history!