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Time for the teaching of social studies:
  • The Center on Education Policy (CEP) released a report update in 2008 that asserts that since the enactment of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, Among the districts that reported both increasing time for ELA or math and reducing time in other subjects, 72%indicated that they reduced time by a total of at least 75 minutes per week for one or more of these other subjects. For example, more than half (53%) of these districts cut instructional time by at least 75 minutes per week in social studies, and the same percentage (53%) cut time by at least 75 minutes per week in science.
  •  A 2007 (Willis) study on the impact of NCLB on California schools that were performing well on math and reading achievement tests reports that less time was spent on social studies education.  An additional finding was that the time spent on social studies changed from less emphasis on critical thinking to more emphasis on factual information.