The United States has an opportunity gap that is emerging in schools.  Through the emphasis on reading and numeracy, No Child Left Behind has created unintended consequences for the next generation of students.  This site is designed to house research and articles dedicated to documenting this impending crisis.
    The site is meant to guide users to various research articles and studies documenting the current state of social studies education. If you would like any materials, links or other information added to the site please contact brendasbarr@gmail.com
Social Studies Achievement/Opportunity Gap




*2/3’s of students scored below proficient on national civics assessment in 2006.

*Less than 1/3 of students could identify the purpose of the Declaration of Independence

*Less than 1/5 of seniors could explain how citizen participation benefits democracy

*Hispanic & African-American students are twice as likely to lack civic knowledge
*55% of students tested national were below proficient in 2006
*Males scores, on average, higher than females
*89% of students could not analyze how a change in the unemployment rate affects income, spending, and production
*57% of sensiors scored "below basic" on the NAEP
*50% of seniors identified which prevails when state and national laws conflict
*43% of seniors described the meaning of a statement about federalism in the United States
*41% of 4th graders identified that countries rather than lower levels of government sign peace treaties
*U.S. students rank next to last on basic geogrpahic facts in a nine country test
*79% of students were below proficient on NAEP
*Males out perform females on the NAEP
*37% of young Americans can not find Iraq on a map
*One in three young Americans can't place the state of Louisiana on a United States map (this is after Katrina)
*Three in four Americans think English is the most commonly spoken native language in the world...It's Mandarin chinese...by a landslide