Less than 20% of Facebook fans really follow fanpage updates. It's possible to improve this percentage?

Considering Facebook as the king of social networks will be no wrong. There can be no better promoting tool than the site which has 701 million active users that cover more than 60% of the internet users worldwide. Taking the advantage of all these facts you make a Facebook page and start promoting your business. But what if your fans are unable to see your updates?

Facebook in its early days was not much crowded therefore everything used to appear in the newsfeed. But the time has changed and today EdgeRank (The news feed algorithm) has to hide many of the Facebook posts. Facebook a couple of years back was not as crowded as it is today therefore reaching your fans today has become more difficult. You might be a little frustrated if you manage a Facebook page.

According to Facebook, fan base actually diminished because users started liking more and more pages and each page pumps out a lot of content and the news feed for each user reaching almost 1500 stories. Facebook believes in giving its users an ideal experience therefore EdgeRank rank allows maximum 300 stories to appear in user’s news feed.

Just like your business Facebook is also a business therefore you have to pay if you want your brand to get noticed. Facebook is no more a free broadcast channel. You have to pay if you want to advertise something. The organic reach might reach to zero if the companies continue to promote their brands for free.

In the coming time you will only be able to reach user’s news feed if you supplement some paid advertising. And remember u can’t stick with something forever because Facebook is evolving day by day. Facebook always keep developing, redesign things and does not remain stagnant. Facebook for the better keep innovating. But still Facebook advertisement is worth. If you want to reach user newsfeed then follow our simple tips.

Keep engaging:

Once you have reached to the hearts of people then do not leave them alone, keep engaging your fans by posting more and more new stuff.

Get clever:

As Facebook is getting clever with time therefore you also need to get a bit clever thing about something that can attract Facebook users towards your page.

Pages feed:

On the left of the news feed of every user there is an option of page feed which contains the content that user liked on your page. Therefore it is a great idea to remind your fans to check pages feed.

Get notifications:

When your fans ‘like’ your page convince them to select the option of ‘get notifications’ too. When a fan clicks this option then most likely each and every update is posted to fan’s news feed.

Use promotion:

Buying Facebook fans is a great way of attracting people to your updates. If your fan base grows it is more likely that someone will read your contents.

Go beyond:

Today to drive traffic, leads, and customers through Facebook, you need to go beyond the traditional styles of marketing.