Creative and fun ways to promote a Facebook fan page

Facebook is a popular social networking site. It is a great place for advertisement and the richest source of interaction with your clients. You can easily advertise your fan page and get thousands of fans. But this requires some effort especially when you have a lot of competitors for your business. Your fan base can continue to grow and increase number of fans. provides you with creative and fun ways to promote your facebook page. Our fun techniques can help you aware people about your business. 

Fun Content:

Remember the most important thing is the content of your page. Content is something that requires most attention. It might be the most difficult thing especially when you are going to write it yourself. Writing content for your page can be overwhelming. Using fun content can make your page really interesting. Content makes the biggest difference for your page. You can spread your page virally by posting awesome content. Use infographics for great results. Share your content to few relevant pages. People love to share things that are already shared.


Start some fun:

Starting a fun activity on your page can be very helpful. Today everyone wants fun so start posting some jokes or funny statuses on your facebook page. But remember once you start this fun activity do not stop it. Fun activities can attract more and more people to like your page.


Create a fun URL:

You can easily create a custom URL for your page. You can choose a fun name for your page but choose something which is easy to remember. You can change your URL only once therefore be careful for what you choose.


Run ‘Fan of the month’ promotion:

People like to be complimented and they love appreciation for something they have done.  Running a ‘fan of the month promotion’ will make your page more exciting and interesting for other people, they will actively participate on your page again and again.


Announce giveaways:

Give your fans a great reason for joining your page by announcing giveaways for them. You can categorize these giveaways according to your budget. They can be as small as a pen. Remember they are your fans so they will love any prize they received from you.


Use incentives:

Using incentives is a great way of promoting your facebook page.  Incentives can convert your visitors into your fans.


Cross promotion:

Cross promotion is a great way of promoting your page. You can interlink your pages or post links of your other social media contents on your page. You can also contact the admin of other facebook pages and ask them to promote your page and promote their page in return.


Give response:

Whenever your fans ask you something or comment over your posts give them a positive response. Your response will encourage their participation on your page.


Use 32665 (fbook) message services:

Facebook allows you to use this service. With this service you can promote your page by inviting likes and fans.


Use Tagging:

A great feature of facebook is that it allows tagging. Using ‘@’ sign you can tag people or a page. This feature makes your post appear cool. This feature is great for attracting traffic to your facebook page.


Purchase likes:

The easiest way of increasing the number of likes on your page is purchasing them. You can buy as many likes as you want.  We at provide you a great opportunity to purchase likes for your page. Remember people have common choices so people will like the thing that most people like.