WOW! Women on the Warpath!

Or, Speaking Truth to Power

(Men Are Also Most Welcome!)

            We are an informal group of activists who are willing to speak up on important issues facing our nation.  Speaking up is imperative if we, who have been so blessed in the past, want to be able to ‘pay it forward’ for the sake of others and our children and grandchildren.   Ours is a small network, via email, of women and men who will commit to sending at least one letter, email, or phone call each month to your Congressional representatives concerning issues that are important to you.


            The media don’t often give us the truth and members of both political parties are far too embedded in policies inimical to our democratic values.   This is a critical time when we, the people, must take action and be heard.  The power of our voice is infinitely magnified when we speak together with others.  We need to do this now and consistently.  Our voices, even if our individual points of view differ, may be our only tool for awakening the leaders of our land to our heartfelt concerns – allowing us collectively to have a small influence on the direction of our country.


            We, the initiating group, are thinking of such issues as: 


  • Ending the war in Iraq
  • Reducing our military commitment
  • Re-establishing the U.S. commitment to the Geneva Convention against torture
  • Countering the multi-national corporative influence on our national policies
  • Protesting the Patriot Act and its invasion and violations of our basic civil rights
  • Protesting the lax enforcement of environmental regulations
  • Expanding more effective environmental clean-up and protections [i.e. sustainable logging, better oversight of oil drilling]
  • Protesting the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries
  • Saving Social Security from privatization
  • Working for fair tax structures for all
  • Demanding a re-working of the Medicare prescription drug plan which currently is a cruel and cynical hoax
  • Developing alternative sources of energy with national support, and more fuel efficient vehicles
  • Protesting budget reductions which callously reduce the safety net for millions
  • Pushing for a workable health care system
  • Seeking more fair and adequate funding for education
  • Protecting workers’ current pension plans and health care benefits
  • Countering the union-busting activities of large corporations
  • Increasing pressure to ban capital punishment
  • Truly overhauling campaign financing and corporate lobbying regulations
  • Supporting an independent media
  • Responsibly decreasing our national debt
  • Maintain church/state separation


These may or may not be your concerns; you may have completely different

concerns.   Our topics should reflect what Congress is debating as much as possible.  The imperative thing is that we MUST speak up and let our voices be heard if we are to make a difference in the direction our country is taking.  Each WOW member .. man or woman .. must speak with clarity and courtesy to the people we elect to make and enforce the laws and priorities of our land.


      If this project appeals to you, we invite you to join our email group.  This will be an interactive group and allow us to share information, sources of information, questions, and contact information for your Congress people.   The group will also be a useful way for those of us who don’t mind sharing to post some of our letters that could be useful to others.


      Let us know of your interest and your email address, and we will send you information on joining the email group.  Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends.   Join us as we work to do what we can for a better future.  We apologize for any double postings in our effort to reach as many as possible.




Karen Menges, Lili MacCormick, Anne Mendenhall 


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