Loving the World Anyway





Autumn 2008 
 A living street sculpture will soon be created in Pittsburgh.  
In time it will become an ongoing social sculpture in our region. 
Citizens who want to express their concern for and solidarity with
those currently incarcerated unfairly and/or illegally by the United States
will join to PROTEST THIS VIOLENCE through artistic non-violent means.

We will begin at twelve noon at a downtown plaza.
There will be no speeches, no signs and no talking.
Photographs and videos will document the events.  
We will share this action with inmates worldwide through media, internet and mail.
Everyone will wear something bright orange
 in honor of the clothing prisoners are often required to don. 
A hat, scarf, gloves, tie etc., will be sufficient
 to mark yourself as a member of the troupe. 
We will begin with a mass walk-in at one site, 
and as numbers in Action Orange increase, expand the number of places.
Take public transit or walk to the site or park several blocks away.
Five minutes before NOON, everyone will walk to the designated site.
On the hour, all will stand still where they are.
As the clock strikes the hour, all will face first east for one minute,
 then  north, west, south--one minute in each direction. 
All will face east again for one minute.
Then everyone will walk away in their own direction, silently.
receive an action invitation by emailing