Email Activism

Email Activist Site List  from David Adams

Dear Social Sculpture Colleagues,

Although you may already be aware of this, I want to share with you a fairly easy way to use email for a few minutes each day to both keep informed of breaking developments usually not publicized well (if at all) in the mass media and to take an active role in influencing those events.  The attached list gives two pages of sources for email "action alerts" that are sent out by various kinds of organizations (environmental, health, labor, media watch, political, etc.) providing opportunities to send emails (or sometimes it is letters, faxes, or calls) to help influence the outcome of important legislation, activist campaigns, actions, appeals, and events. Often these are bills before Congress or
proposed actions by governmental bodies or maybe corporate activities and decisions. Such mass email campaigns have shown proven results from past experience.

I am fairly sure that the sites on this list are still active and correct, but there could be a couple of outdated ones in there. These are most of the email alerts I personally receive, but I am sure there are many others out there in various fields. You can choose which ones to register for and can cancel them at any time. One small warning: some of them occasionally seem to share addresses, or at least to send alerts from other sources for your consideration; then, if you respond to that alert, you start receiving additional messages from that other source. You will also occasionally get funding appeal emails as well from these same organizations. But I find it a worthwhile and economical use of my time in order to help play a small role in the outcome of important contemporary events.

David Adams

 Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund

NRDC's BioGems,


The Wilderness Society,

The Sierra Club


League of Conservation Voters

Friends of the Earth


Environmental Defense Action Fund

Organic Consumers Association ("Organic Bytes" news) or

Natural Solutions (Health Freedom Alerts)

Patients and Professionals for Customized Care (p2c2),

Amnesty International

Brave New Films

CREDO Action (from Working Assets)

Progressive Secretary (Jim Harris)

The Pen (The People's Email Network),

Media for Democracy (MediaChannel)

Free Press E-Activist Network

Stop Fake News

Commercial Alert

Common Cause,

United Farm Workers

American Federation of Teachers e-Activist Network

U.S. Campaign for Burma  (  (leans toward Democractic Party issues)

True Majority

California Only

Sierra Forest Legacy

Friends of the River