Dewdrop Praxis

by Rosemary McMullen

There is an endless net of threads throughout the universe… 
At every crossing of the threads there is an individual.

And every individual is a crystal bead,

And every crystal bead reflects

not only the light from every other

Crystal in the net

but also every other reflection throughout the entire universe.

from the Rig Veda

This tiny glistening dewdrop is a reminder for us—a reminder of those times in Atlantis when fogs covered the land and when people had an inkling of the divine wisdom that enveloped them. …the word dew ([Tau in German] is nothing other than the ancient Atlantean sound [Tao].  …The Tau symbol, the ancient sign of the Cross, is Crux in Latin.  And what is the name for dew in Latin?  Ros:  Ros-Crux is our “Rose Cross.”  Now we recognize its true significance.  It is the Tao of Atlantis, the wisdom of Atlantis, that twinkles at us today from every dewdrop.  The rose cross conveys exactly this to us.  It is the symbol for the new life that will blossom forth in spirit in the future.  

 --Rudolf Steiner, GA 264, in The Secret Stream  (Steiner Press, 2000, p 36) 

Every thought, feeling, imagination and action is a social sculpture in that it influences the world on all the spiritual planes, and every action a group does together is a higher iteration of that social sculpture, fueled by a group level of will.  A social reformative aim weaves in the surrender of the individual and the group to become something new, today unactualized.  The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis could wreak havoc with  dedicated hierarchical fragmentation of human society, deploying hate and fear, victimizing "others" to uphold themselves. The pervasive dropping dew, nurturing, inclusive, describes an opposite social formative power of love, faith, trust, surrender and generosity.

Several 17th century Metaphysical English poets explored the metaphor of the dewdrop. One of the most delightfully textured is Andrew Marvell's "On a Drop of Dew" (Poems).

By starting a conversation within anthroposophy in North America on what we are as individuals and small groups doing in social reformative thinking, action and re-creation of attitudes and concepts, with morally-alive people in our communities, we trust our anthroposophical underpinnings will multiply the strength within our own circles, and reach from that enriched base into all our actions and discussions as conscious, willed spiritually-potentized "dew," pure nourishment, vitality, "water of life" spreading, mixing with all the elements in small, modest, almost invisible form.  Another way of living into the dewdrop theme is to see it as a link from the spiritual to the material, from the individual drop of spirit into a "blanket" of willed collaborative dew: "what from our hearts we are founding" and what from our heads we enact "with our focused will." For me the metaphor of dew carries complementarity, multidimensionality, ubiquity, the fusion of an individual I "sphere" into the "we," a naturally regular manifestation (many times a day  of the physical plane's )union with the hierarchies and elementals.

This is not in the past, this is now.  This is not parochial.  This "dewdrop corps" is taking form outside our branch and study group work.  We are holding our discussions with people who have consciously moved out beyond their private lives to interact with others, trying to create a new and just order locally and nationally.  By discussing the origins of evil and bringing focus to  present manifestations of it in US policy, international economics and power brokering, we are creating a social sculpture in thought,  feeling, and hopefully, reformation of personal and social behavior.  Huge numbers of people in the USA are paralyzed by fear and dread of that evil.  I can't think of a more socially useful discussion than how to know it, not deny or ignore it, but live with it courageously and creatively. 

When I first encountered Teilhard de Chardin's vision of the Noosphere, it clicked with some inner experiences and visions of my own. This was years before I had computer skills or the world wide web existed.  The Internet must be viewed as a multidimensional phenomenon reaching out and reverberating inwardly on all spiritual planes. Thus an anthroposophical discussion of our Internet actions and reactions is also vitally important here and now.  Together we support each other to remain awake, completely informed by anthroposophical research, widening out into the whole world with questions about how to live with this increasingly complex and socially invasive technology consciously, positively, with focused will for the good.  Such conscious internet use makes the world wide web an immense social sculpture for some of us and with hierarchical assistance will change its very nature for the good.


  1. Dedicate some breath daily to gratitude and hope for human transformation.
  1. Create: Artistic activity daily: play instrument, sing, write a verse or reflection, paint, draw, dance, sculpt, speak soulfully.  Imaginatively connect with others.
  1. Contact in thought or via Internet those seeking the same goal and spirit beings guiding us with attitude of contributing positively to web of light surrounding us with intention of strengthening and augmenting it with our conscious will.
  1. Dip into poetry, scripture, uplifting biographies and stories, music, theater, etc. with gratitude and oneness with those souls who offered them, feeling they are in Dewdrop Corps, living or so-called dead.
  1. Walk in or think about your neighborhood, city, region lovingly, nurturingly conscious of elemental beings, humans, plants, animals and higher beings.
  1. Create rituals of your own and in groups to be part of the Dewdrop Corps. 
  2. Theme for the time being:  J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C Major.


1.  Foundation Stone daily as dedication to Christ and hierarchies; protection from adversaries (Ahriman, Lucifer, Asuras); connect with breath and imaginations of others feeling sealed with the Foundation Stone:

A very powerful counterforce to evil in the social realm is contained in the Foundation Stone.  …although the laying of the Stone is a purely individual deed, nevertheless in the human soul it is not only the means for personal development but above all…becomes the Foundation Stone of a new human community, where the principle of spiritual brotherhood can be fully realized for the first time….  In setting the foundation Stone of the Good over and against world evil, Rudolf Steiner was manifesting to humanity an archetypal picture of the overcoming of evil by good in the consciousness soul epoch in a purely Manichean spirit…united …with the Rosicrucian stream.  

---S.O. Prokofieff,  The Encounter With Evil  (Temple Lodge, 1999), pp 83-84

2.  Verse for America daily as coalition-forming and gratitude offering practice.