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Message Exchange of Social Sculpture Group Members

 October 12, 2008

...I know that any response requires truth and courage.  Can we help each other find our way through this to that great stride of soul we need to take, or even to a tiny step?   Anne


...I don't feel prepared.  In the 90s, I was studying the lives of the saints, and focused on  resistance to the Nazis, writing up Dietrich Bonhoffer and Corrie Ten Boem and Franz Jaegerstatter and Maximillian Kolbe for the local Catholic Worker paper.  That was probably my preparation.  They were great social sculptors!  I've been thinking of Corrie all week.  Have you read The Hiding Place?

I suspect we will mostly have the courage to do what comes to us.   Certainly we have asked Michael for help many times and he is true.  The internet will not be available much longer, so I'm grateful for all you have given through it.

The phrase "We are living in the post-Constitutional age" appeared in the magazine Punk Planet three or four years ago!   Lisa 


October 13, 2008  

The following came to me yesterday as a way to understand and meet the potential and actual catastrophes looming before us.

Ahriman is the Great Conspirator behind all conscious and unconscious beings that conspire to counter the evolution of our humanity. Ahriman cannot be imprisoned or impeached or got rid of in any shape or form. Ahriman can only be subdued to his rightful place. We must learn to master Ahriman rather than be mastered by Ahriman. Clearly we are mastered by Ahriman in all manner of ways if we are asleep to his activity. But he is so clever that we remain in his clutches also when we see him at work in human deeds, especially quite conscious human deeds, if we become gripped by fear and anxiety. The line between not seeing Ahriman and only seeing Ahriman is very fine and equally dangerous.

What is the antidote, the fruitful counter-force? First, we should learn not to be surprised or shocked, rather we should learn to expect our humanity and all efforts to form a free human society will be thwarted and attacked. We should resist the naivety that just because the founding fathers saw and set in place a society founded on a true imagination of our evolving humanity, that there will be no setbacks. To the contrary, that is the very reason we should expect it will be opposed. Human evolution has a long way to go, so we should expect opposition and setbacks, not merely as an unfortunate inevitability, but as a necessary good.

Ahriman is an agent of evil set on opposing our evolving humanity, but the great Christic mystery is that Ahriman is a necessary evil. Without evil, without human beings consciously and unconsciously being thwarted by Ahriman in realizing their humanity, we would lack the stimulus, the motivation to develop ourselves further, to realize our human potential more fully. So ironically, this can lead us to welcome rather than fear those who would conspire to repress and distract us from exercising our humanity and creating a human society.

Perhaps it belongs to the Social Art and certainly the Art of Spirit Self to calmly and clearly observe Ahriman at work in all manner of ways and situations while resisting seeing ONLY Ahriman. Every time we feel gripped by fear we should take it as a reminder that we are being given an opportunity to do something positive, however modest. In recent years I found myself doodling, drawing in certain situations--it started in faculty meetings--where I inwardly dedicated my simple creative activity as the only way I knew to counter the contracted thinking and feeling which I otherwise did not know how to meet and transform. These experiences have led me to the conviction that whenever I can engage the artist in myself, particularly where I allow myself to live into the gesture and quality of color and form, I carry out a spiritual deed that counters Ahriman in a modest but real way. No doubt, each us will be asked to do more than this; but I would not underestimate the value of this inner spiritual activity. At the very least it prepares us to act in an artistic spirit in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. The Spirit of Art that can live in and through us is the Spirit that subdues the Dragon.

There is much more to discuss, but everything else we might do as individuals and together seems to build upon the above. 
In the Spirit of Michaelmas,  Michael Howard 
Between Lucifer and Ahriman 

Watercolor copyright 2004 by Rosemary McMullen

Michael, I too was nourished and heartened by your message.Thank you.  

In Pittsburgh the local anthroposophists are having a retreat Nov 1-2 with twelve people.  We are taking up the theme that the Western Region started in March:  The Dawning Clairvoyant Gaze" and have been re-reading How to Know Higher Worlds. In the meeting with the Lesser Guardian (Chapter 10) we discover our karma has a nation-folk soul aspect.  We are to serve the spiritual needs of the folk into which we incarnated, and believe me, this certainly is a good time to be reminded of that.  The "Verse for America" was included in Virginia Sease's article on incarnating in America.  So now we get a chance to put all we have been learning into practice, inner and outer.

Recognizing Ahriman's workings in our government and economic systems is necessary, and I also believe supporting those who try to expose and spread the word about the reality is another step.  Rallying our inner Christ connection and Michaelic courage and Templar dedication takes a while, as we have been experiencing in our own local worlds in the last weeks.  Someday we will have been through this so many times through so many crises that we won't bat an eye. 

Recognizing but not totally absorbing the fear and anxiety of our "folk" seems to be part of the process.  Different spiritually alive, believing people handle it in different ways, I have been finding out. The way I have been feeling is a deeper more serious version of what I felt at various stages in this folk saga we agreed to when we were born in the USA (as Lisa mentioned, pointedly starting with the 2000 election). 

We who embrace a many-incarnations-to-go divine and human evolutionary picture of world events and individual purpose indeed see life differently.  And I agree that our inner efforts are part of the whole macrocosmic process.  We are here for soul-spirit strength-building so that love, service, faith, tolerance etc. eventually become ours without conscious effort, and not only for our own but for all humanity's ennoblement. But since we're not there yet, and it is a whole new continuum of darkness, it is so good to be able to share what we are feeling and learning.

Fittingly, it is Oct. 13, when in 1307 the Templars began their journey of sufferings beyond our imaginations.   Thanks to all, Rosemary

October 14, 2008   Well said, Michael!  This goes hand in hand with Rudolf Steiner’s famous quote from November 17, 1917 (a pretty tough time in Germany’s history), excerpted here:  “….Clouds will gather and human beings will have to find a total sense of freedom out of the abyss.  The human being will have to find all his/her strength out of nothingness.  Outer need will be transformed into an inner need of the soul, and out of this profound anguish, inner perception will be born.

            We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes out of the future.  We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensations about the future.  We must look forward with absolute equanimity to everything that may come, and we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by world direction full of wisdom.  It is part of what we must learn in this age, namely to live out of pure trust without any security in existence, trusting in the ever present help of the spiritual world.  Truly nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail." 

Of course, it remains important to recognize Ahriman and his work.

 Michael Babitch


October 17, 2008   This morning Naomi Wolf appeared on the Today show to promote her book 'Give Me Liberty'.  I immediately jumped to attention.  Meredith Viera was openly skeptical of Wolf's contention that the 1st brigade is intended for crowd control and police duty. NBC had contacted the Northern Command and put up a statement from there that soldiers are only here to help in case of terrorist attack, weather disaster, etc.
We are used to truth being sacrificed on the altar of disinformation, but many are not.  Wolf pointed out, with all due respect of course, that a recent act of Congress [the Military Procurement??? Act] put the president in charge of the national guard, not state governors as has always been the rule. At least it was a partial coverage, and a small step in raising awareness, even if denigrated by the network.  I thought it huge that they even had her on the show.  Every action, every task, every goal begins with taking a small step.  That's where we need to focus. Anne


 You are right. .. . small, persistent  steps in the right direction can change the whole dance. Karen