Symposium Speakers

New Developments in Social Psychology and Law

Dr. Margaret C. Stevenson, University of Evansville: Does a Defendant’s History of Being Abused as a Child Predict Punitive Outcomes? Applications of Attribution Theory

Dr. Eve M. Brank, University of Nebraska - Lincoln: Is the Law Embodied? The Effects of Embodiment on Consent to Search

Victor Quintanilla, J.D., Indiana University, Bloomington: Procedural Justice and Lawyering: Understanding Lay Perceptions of Procedural Fairness and Preferences for Procedural Tradeoffs


Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, University of California Los Angeles: Identity Traps in Law Enforcement: How (and if and when) Laboratory Results Generalize to the World

Dr. Sarah J. Gervais, University of Nebraska - Lincoln: Do You See What I See? The Effects of Objectification and Affective Forecasting on Sexual Harassment

Dr. Richard L. Wiener, University of Nebraska – Lincoln: Analysis of Housing Discrimination: Are Veterans Treated Differently than Others?

Emotion and Legal Decision Making

Dr. Edie Greene, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs: People Adapt Affectively to Injuries

Dr. Jessica Salerno, Arizona State University: Emotional Influences on Legal Decision Making


10 Minute Datablitz Talks:

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Poster Sessions:

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Richard Wiener,
Feb 9, 2014, 8:18 AM