The Social Psychology and Law Pre-conference will be held on Thursday, February 13th, 2014, at the Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB, in Austin, TX

Pre-conference includes:
  • Three symposiums including Discrimination, Emotion and Legal Decision Making, and New Directions in Social Psychology and Law.
  • Two poster sessions featuring the latest research at the intersection of Social Psychology and the Law.
  • Five 10-minute data talks from promising scholars in the field.
The pre-conference features an exciting line-up of presentations from prominent scholars from psychological and legal backgrounds in classic (e.g., discrimination, procedural justice, attributions) as well as contemporary (e.g., embodiment, emotion) areas in social psychology and law. Specifically, the pre-conference will feature 3 symposia including New Developments in Social Psychology and Law, Discrimination, and Emotion and Legal Decision Making. The talks will also address the generalizability of laboratory findings to the real world and have applications for potential complainants, lawyers, judges, jurors, policy-makers, and law enforcement. Complementing the symposia, the pre-conference will also include five, 10-minute datablitz presentations from promising scholars whose work applies social psychological theories, empirical models, and methodologies to examine practical problems in law and legal process as well as poster presentations from graduate students and new researchers proposing novel and creative ways to use social psychology to study law and policy.
Sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln