2nd SocialNLP Workshop


Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (SocialNLP)

August 24, 2014, Dublin, Ireland

Call for Papers

Abbreviated Title:                                                                COLING SocialNLP 2014

Event Date:                                                                           August 24, 2014

City:                                                                                       Dublin

Country:                                                                                Ireland

Contact:                                                                                Shou-de Lin

                                                                                               Lun-Wei Ku

                                                                                               Erik Cambria

                                                                                               Tsung-Ting Kuo

Contact Email:                                                                      socialnlp-2014@googlegroups.com

Shared Task:       https://sites.google.com/site/socialnlp/2nd-socialnlp-workshop/shared-task

General Invitation for Submissions

SocialNLP is a new inter-disciplinary area of natural language processing (NLP) and social computing. We consider three plausible directions of SocialNLP: (1) addressing issues in social computing using NLP techniques; (2) solving NLP problems using information from social networks or social media; and (3) handling new problems related to both social computing and natural language processing.

Through this workshop, we anticipate to provide a platform for research outcome presentation and head-to-head discussion in the area of SocialNLP, with the hope to combine the insight and experience of prominent researchers from both NLP and social computing domains to contribute to the area of SocialNLP jointly.


Relevant topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

1.      Content analysis on Social Media

Ÿ   Concept-level sentiment analysis

Ÿ   Summarization of posts/replies on social media

Ÿ   Name entity Recognition on Social media

Ÿ   Relationship extraction on social media.

Ÿ   Entity resolution for social media

Ÿ   Search, Indexing, and Evaluation on Social Web

Ÿ   Improving Speech Recognition using Social Media Content

Ÿ   Multilingual and Language-specific Information Retrieval on Social Web 

2.      Natural language processing on Web 2.0

Ÿ   Folksonomy and Social Tagging

Ÿ   Trend analysis on Wikipedia

Ÿ   Trustworthiness analysis on Wikipedia

Ÿ   Human computing for social-media corpus generation

Ÿ   Social structure and position analysis using Microblog content

Ÿ   Trust and Privacy analysis in social contexts

Ÿ   Community detection using blog or Microblog content 

3.      Sentiment and Opinion Analysis on Social Media

Ÿ   Big social data analysis

Ÿ   Lexical semantic resources, corpora and annotations of social media for sentiment analysis

Ÿ   Opinion retrieval, extraction, classification, tracking and summarization

Ÿ   Domain specific sentiment analysis and model adaptation

Ÿ   Emotion detection

Ÿ   Sentiment analysis for automatic public opinion poll and surveys of user satisfaction

Ÿ   Improvement of NLP tasks using subjectivity and/or sentiment analysis on social platform

Ÿ   Sentiment analysis and human computer interface on social platform

Ÿ   Real-world sentiment applications and systems on social platform 

4.      Models and Tools Development for SocialNLP

Ÿ   Biologically-inspired opinion mining

Ÿ   Social-network motivated methods or tools for natural language processing

Ÿ   Advanced topic model for social media

Ÿ   Learning to rank for social media

Ÿ   Clustering and Classification tools for Social Media

Ÿ   Content-based and social-based Recommendation

Ÿ   Multi-lingual machine translation on Microblog


Ÿ   Shou-de Lin (National Taiwan University)

Ÿ   Lun-Wei Ku (Academia Sinica)

Ÿ   Erik Cambria (Nanyang Technological University)

Ÿ   Tsung-Ting Kuo (National Taiwan University)

Program Committee

Ÿ   Prof. Berlin Chen (National Taiwan Normal University)

Ÿ   Prof. Hsin-Hsi Chen (National Taiwan University)

Ÿ  Prof. Amitava Das (Samsung Research India)

Ÿ  Prof. Dipankar Das (National Institute of Technology)

Ÿ   Prof. Min-Yuh Day (Tamkang University)

Ÿ  Prof. Jennifer Foster (Dublin City University)

Ÿ   Prof. June-Jei Kuo (National Chung Hsing University)

Ÿ   Prof. Chuan-Jie Lin (National Taiwan Ocean University)

Ÿ  Prof. Rafal Rzepka (Hokkaido University)

Ÿ  Prof. Yohei Seki (University of Tsukuba)

Ÿ  Dr. Ker-Yih Su (Behavior Design Corp)

Ÿ   Prof. Ming-Feng Tsai (National Cheng Chi University) 

Ÿ  Dr. Hsin-Min Wang (Academia Sinica)

Ÿ   Prof. Jenq-Haur Wang (National Taipei University of Technology)

Ÿ  Prof. Yejun Wu (Louisiana State University)

Ÿ  Prof. Yungfang Wu (Peking University)

Ÿ  Prof. Yunqing Xia (Tsinghua University)

Ÿ  Prof. Ruifeng Xu (Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School)


socialnlp-2014 at googlegroups.com

(Note: This e-mail address is configured as a contact address, only read by the workshop organizers. It is not a public mailing or discussion list.) 


Papers submitted to this workshop must not have been accepted for publication elsewhere or be under review for another workshop, conference or journal. Papers can be either full research papers (10 pages) or short papers (6 pages) and must be formatted according to the COLING Proceedings Template. Accepted papers will be published in COLING workshop proceedings.

Selected, expanded versions of papers presented at the workshop will be published in two follow-on Special Issues of Springer Cognitive Computation (CogComp) and the International Journal of Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (IJCLCLP).

Please submit your paper HERE.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:                                                    May 4, 2014
ŸSubmission deadline (on request or invited paper):     May 30, 2014
Notification of acceptance:                                           May 30, 2014
Camera-ready submission deadline:                             June 27, 2014
ŸWorkshop date:                                                             August 24, 2014

Shared Task

Please refer to the Shared Task on Micro-Blog Sentiment Detection page here.