Keynote Speech

Monday October 14, 2013 13:35 - 14:15 @ R221 
Yohei Seki
Graduate School of Library
Information and Media Studies
University of Tsukuba
Assistant Professor

Title: Facilitating Social Communication Using Collaborative Annotation Data

Abstract: Many users are actively engaged in sharing visual content via social media such as YouTube, Flickr, and deviantART. In this talk, we focus on the Japanese illustration-sharing social media. On an illustration-sharing social media, users can publish their own illustrations. We can also request illustrations (contents) from illustrators (content creators) through the social media. In existing illustrator search systems, users have to search for illustrator candidates manually. If users find suitable content creators on the social media, they can request creating work to their suitable contents creators. We conducted researches on a method of searching for illustrators on an illustration-sharing social media that is based on user impression categories. Impressions of the illustrator's work are estimated from the collaborative social-tag annotations on his/her illustrations. We implemented the illustrator ranking prototype system using motifs and impressions. In addition, to solve the problem of sparseness in input queries, we propose a query expansion method that uses feedback from the motifs for illustrations of relevant illustrators.

Bio: Dr Yohei Seki is assistant professor, Faculty of Library, Information and Media
Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan. He got Ph. D. degree at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies in 2005 and work as a visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2008. He leads sentiment analysis work as one of co-organizers in NTCIR multilingual opinion analysis task from 2006 to 2010. He focused on facilitating social communication work, and won IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award in 2013. He leads the Japanese information access community as IPSJ SIG-IFAT Chair (2011-2012) and also as Co-Chair of Editorial Board of IPSJ Transactions on Databases (2013-2014).