Welcome to WRT 205
Writing Studio II: Critical Research

The second level writing studio focuses on developing your skills as a university-trained researcher. The topics that we will pursue will fuel our research questions, but the intellectual work of the course is concentrated in the practice of research as a process. 

By the conclusion of Writing 205, you will have experience using advanced research techniques and practice gathering and processing scholarly information. You’ll have conducted deep and multifaceted analyses and developed an understanding of various rhetorics involved in making an argument. You will have gained experience in reading and interpreting arguments made by a variety of print and digital texts, and you will have practiced constructing arguments of your own. 

These skills can and will begin to form the base of who you will become through your higher education. You have chosen to become a traveler on a most privileged journey through the corridors of the learned so as to secure for yourself a future that you find fulfilling. Learning how to analyze the texts of life and then and forming an awareness about the impact that the arguments we absorb every day have on individuals, societies, and cultures will help broaden the scope of your thinking and improve your ability to articulate your own arguments about complicated social and interpersonal issues.

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