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Reverbnation Review

Reverbnation is a networking site primarily for musicians, music venues, labels, and fans. As with myspace, users can create a profile containing personal and business 
information, share pictures, videos, original songs, and a listing of upcoming shows. It also walks the artists through the process of linking their profile to other social networking sites such as Facebook, and contains an extensive list of sites to link to. Reverbnation is unique however in that it offers an amazing array of useful promotional tools to help artists expand their fan base and sales. The "Promote it" tool for example, offers "song", "upcoming show", and "new release" campaigns in which for a reasonable fee, the artist can have their information disseminated through ads to potential listeners on Facebook and Reverbnation in a targeted, well-organized fashion. Another tool offers extremely simple web design (a very useful tool for artists who are not yet able to get their own webpage up and running). Each tool is presented in a simple step by step fashion so the artists know exactly what they need to do. 

Additionally, artists are offered the chance to sell their songs and merchandise through the online reverbnation store. If they wish to sell through other online stores such as ITunes, reverbnation assists them in the process of getting set up. It also informs artists of upcoming opportunities for gigs, contests, and more throughout the world. Users are informed of the cost to submit (if any) and can submit their entry or song through the site. 

Click on this link to see a sample of artist's profiles: 

PROS                                                                                 CONS

*Very useful promotional and informational tools                *Relatively small user-base
*Guides users through each step                                        *Some unwanted soliciting 
*Specific to music
*No unwanted advertisements on profiles
*Many more options offered than other sites

Although the user-base is limited as of yet, I give this site five stars because it is perfect for artists who are looking to improve their networking ability. I would not have expected any site to be this helpful and user friendly. 

- Albie Pickens