Using Social Media to Capture, Mine, and Recreate Experiences, Events and Places

We are pleased to announce the 1st International Workshop on Social Multimedia and Storytelling!

The increasing availability of social multimedia content around real-world objects and activities holds great potential for deriving richer representations of the depicted places, experiences and events. This is not only due to the abundance of diverse multimedia content, but also due to the availability of a large variety of contextual information, such as location and textual metadata, and online interactions (e.g. comments/likes on shared videos). Therefore, leveraging such content and its surrounding context holds the potential for better capturing and representing the real world and for building novel engaging applications. However, the nature of social multimedia raises a number of research challenges that call for new multimedia retrieval approaches. To this end, the workshop seeks research contributions that address different stages of the lifecycle of social multimedia content, from the moment an event is captured in media, through its online sharing, collection, and processing to its remixing, repurposing, retrieval, and presentation. Of particular importance are submissions that cross-cut different research topics of the workshop in creative ways, and that propose new engaging applications with strong multimedia and social networking elements.

The workshop touches upon many significant aspects of multimedia retrieval, including content analysis and understanding, content- and context-based indexing, search and retrieval, HCI technologies and issues, image/video summarization and visualization, and others. In particular, the workshop aims at exploring different multimedia retrieval areas converging on the nexus of social multimedia and storytelling around real-world experiences, events and places. Aside the challenging research problems raised by the workshop, its topics are linked to a host of important commercial and creative applications in sectors such as media, entertainment, arts and culture, sports and music. The research and innovations encouraged by the workshop are expected to help drive the next wave of multimedia capturing and consumption technologies.

Proceedings are available online at CEUR.

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