The Anti-Malthusians

The Anti-Malthusians are an optimistic group of demographers who believe that Europe's demographic transition is a better and more accurate idea for our future. In Europe's history, its population remained the same throughout the years, the death rates offset the high birth rates.

Stage one: Population remains about the same, due to high birth rates and high death rates. Most of Europe's history was in stage one.
Stage two: "Population explosion"--Birth rates were high and death rates went down. The population surged in Europe.
Stage three: People brought birth rates down to meet lower death rates.
Stage four: This has begun to appear in the Most Industrialized nations--deaths outnumber births.

The Anti-Malthusians think that it will also happen in the Least Industrialized Nations, but the growth in those nations is due to their being in stage 2.