The Revolution Choir Sings about Political Songs, Social Justice Songs, Intersectionality and Climate Change

Some of the best political songs of today are coming out of Portland, Oregon from a project called The Revolution Choir. No one else is singing about topics that really need to be talked about. Intersectionality is so important since race and gender inequality is so prevalent in today’s society.

The Revolution Choir sings about social justice songs such as Equal Pay for Equal Work, Income Inequality, the right to love and marry who you want and the right for a livable wage.

The Revolution Choir sings about the environment and Climate Change and how the oil industries influence over our representatives is so powerful. The people must fight to end moneys grip within our government. Once that happens the peoples voice will be heard. Until then all we can do is write protest music and create grassroots movements designed to open people’s eyes of the billionaire influence. Greed. It's what's for breakfast. Stay tuned as The Revolution Choir creates more political satire in 4 part harmony. Activism using melody.