Your arrival here suggests that you have an interest, as I do, in how professional psychology practices could integrate activism as well as scholarship/writing in the interest of socio-political justice for all, particularly people oppressed by 500 years or more of Euro-American hegemony. Like me, you may have many unanswered questions and untried solutions surrounding this integration, and you recognize that global social justice will require changes in psychology (or mental health theory and practice) and in our own lives.

I would like this site to serve as a resource and a point of exchange between us. I'm too green at web design to have done much about the latter. I would like to hear from you nonetheless: you may email me, post comments at the bottom of this page, and/or post comments on either of my blogs, and I will make every effort to integrate them here.

At the moment, this site offers links to web sites relating to psychology, social justice & critical practice. These Links are organized by the following categories below:
  • Global Social Justice Associations & Networks
  • International Critical Psychology
  • International Social Change Blogs
  • Related Online Open Access Journals
  • Social Justice Training & Research in Global Contexts
  • Psychology & Social Justice Print Journals

It comes as no surprise that an interest in Qualitative Research Methodologies often co-exists among social scientists working in social justice and critical practice areas. 
I have collected a large list of links to online qualitative research resources, which is housed on my faculty website.