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Biography of Tami L. Harbolt-Bosco


Tami Harbolt-Bosco is a native of Louisville, KY where she currently resides with her family. She is an adjunct professor at Bellarmine University and The University of Louisville, where she teaches Women’s History and Animal Studies. Dr. Harbolt-Bosco received her PhD in American Studies from the University of New Mexico in 2001. Her dissertation was published by Purdue University Press in 2002, where it is still in print. Bridging the Bond: The Cultural Construction of the Shelter Pet, is part memoir, part ethnography of her 5 year experience working in an animal shelter in Albuquerque, NM.

In addition to 5 years in an animal shelter, Dr. Harbolt-Bosco worked for two years with Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY as public education coordinator. In this position she was responsible for maintaining the mobile adoption unit, the low-income spay-neuter clinic, the volunteer program, and the educational aspects of the municipal shelter. An important aspect of her position was developing coalitions with local animal groups, and she served as a Board member for ­Pet Groups United, provided a pet ministry at her church, and served on the committee to develop policies for the Metro Louisville Volunteer program.  During her two years of employment, the shelter developed a vital low income S/N program and over 5,000 children were served each year.

Dr. Harbolt-Bosco’s current pet partner is a blue and white pit bull adopted from Metro Animal Services in 2006 named Dolly. Pit bulls and their rehabilitation is a “pet project” of Dr. Harbolt-Bosco’s and they figure prominently in her educational efforts in the community.  Her goal is to decrease the image of the pit bull as a public menace, and increase the acceptance of the role as family pet. She is proud to be a member of WAGS and will serve the organization by protecting the acceptance of animals as a therapeutic and educational intervention in our community.