This is a satellite meeting of NetSci2016.

Date: May 30, 2016 (Monday)

Venue: Dongkang D, The K-Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Social Connectome: The anatomy of social networks and its modeling

Understanding the structure and dynamics of social networks is crucial for investigating social phenomena that emerge from interactions between human individuals. Recently, the access to large-scale datasets on human dynamics and social interactions at a societal level, or Big Data, has helped to reveal a number of common features or stylized facts for the structure and dynamics of social networks. However, we still do not have a complete map of social interactions due to sampling biases and privacy issues. In addition, many large-scale datasets are obtained from only one communication channel, while social interactions are mediated by many different channels. Moreover, the fact that social networks are continuously evolving makes obtaining a complete multi-channel picture rather difficult. Hence, we propose the notion of Social Connectome that explores a possibility to make a map of social interactions at a societal level as precisely as possible, given privacy and other constraints. Social Connectome is an analogy of the Connectome in the neuroscience aiming to make a complete map of neural connections in a human brain. This is important not only for revealing and understanding various complex social phenomena, but also for possible applications to engineering and policy-making. For our satellite meeting, we invite the world-class researchers in the field to discuss about various hot issues in social network analysis and modeling as follows:

  • social networks as a temporal network: empirical analyses and modeling

  • multi-layer nature of social networks and overlapping communities

  • sampling issue: how sampling only one channel may lead to a bias in network quantities

  • applications to engineering and policy-making.


  • Hang-Hyun Jo (POSTECH, Chair)

  • Woo-Sung Jung (POSTECH)

  • Nobuyasu Ito (University of Tokyo & RIKEN)

  • Jari Saramäki (Aalto University)

Confirmed invited speakers (alphabetical order)

  • Yong-Yeol Ahn (Indiana University Bloomington, USA)

  • Meeyoung Cha (KAIST, Korea & Facebook, USA)

  • Petter Holme (SKKU, Korea)

  • Hang-Hyun Jo (POSTECH, Korea)

  • Márton Karsai (ENS Lyon, France)

  • Kimmo Kaski (Aalto University, Finland)

  • János Kertész (CEU, Hungary)

  • Pádraig Mac Carron (University of Oxford, UK)

  • Yohsuke Murase (RIKEN, Japan)

  • Takashi Shimada (University of Tokyo, Japan)


10:30 - 10:35 Opening

10:35 - 11:00 Hang-Hyun Jo [abstract]

11:00 - 11:25 Kimmo Kaski [abstract]

11:25 - 11:50 János Kertész [abstract]

Lunch break

1:30 - 1:55 Petter Holme [abstract]

1:55 - 2:20 Yong-Yeol Ahn [abstract]

2:20 - 2:45 Yohsuke Murase [abstract]

2:45 - 3:10 Pádraig Mac Carron [abstract]

Coffee break

3:30 - 3:55 Márton Karsai [abstract]

3:55 - 4:20 Meeyoung Cha [abstract]

4:20 - 4:45 Takashi Shimada [abstract]

4:45 - 4:50 Closing

* Each talk will be for 25 min. including Q&A.


  • Hang-Hyun Jo [h2jo23@gmail.com]