Call for Participation

CFP: CHI 2010 Workshop on Designing and Evaluating Affective Aspects of Sociable Media to Support Social Connectedness

Social connectedness is described as the momentary experience of belonging and relatedness with others and is often considered one of the goals of social media technologies. We seek participants from various domains for an interdisciplinary workshop on designing and evaluating affective aspects of sociable media to support social connectedness. Position papers are invited on the following topics: 

(1) understanding and measuring social connectedness (including ethnographic investigations and psychometrics design) 
(2) types of content mediated by sociable media to foster users’ social connectedness (including issues of privacy management)
(3) design experiences and interaction affordances of connectedness systems

The goal of this workshop is connecting researchers from social science and design disciplines to foster future collaboration and resource exchange. Through our discussion, we hope to crystalize a concrete research agenda for investigating social connectedness systems. A concrete outcome of the workshop will be a proposal for a journal special issue on the topic of designing and evaluating social connectedness systems that the organizers will submit to appropriate venues. Interested parties are invited to submit a position paper of 2-4 pages, in the CHI Extended Abstracts format, to

Up-to-date information on the workshop will be available at:

Please note that participants must register for the workshop and for at least one day of the CHI 2010 conference. Fees for a one-day workshop at CHI 2010 are estimated to be $175.

Important dates
   * Submission deadline - Jan 6, 2010
   * Notification - Jan 30, 2010
   * Workshop - April 10, 2010

   * Thomas Visser (Delft University of Technology),
   * Pavan Dadlani (Philips Research),
   * Daan van Bel (Eindhoven University of Technology),
   * Svetlana "Lana" Yarosh (Georgia Institute of Technology),

Please feel free to contact any of the organizers with questions.