This Intro is to set the mood of trust and respect to intelligence, how be this area and not understand things on a different level. The education written at this website is deeper than what is written below, this website was not made based on negativity.

  This website is not a picture website, we focus on strictly text and back to back education on smart and intelligent levels. This website is not for those going threw schizophrenia, though this site is for anyone. This website has back to back intelligence on it's pages, everything except the intro and or home page. Somehow)

  This website was created By Harry Devon Johnson. The social community is based on Economic Education, Anthropology,Meteorology and Parapsychology. We also face facts about agnostic - the non belief of the exact ways that humans - use a concession on how the world was made. Will not be real. The laws of the world are hidden in a way that each human can only believe in their self. ( Too Some Sources) The true meaning to life is humans and their spiritual realm. That is so true and higher than normal human concession.

  The re-inclusion into society is now metamorphosis. Now the jubilation of strength is desolate and now communication threw the sense are now fallacious. how to be for the indignation of gustier. 

  How we order array - this community is more of a information website, based on Economics,anthropology and so forth.

  Humans are designed to have a one track mind, there beliefs and vindictive behavior is induced. Right now the average human reads that last statement and there stipulations are in-congruent to what these words are written for.

  We believe that our metamorphosis as humans is deprive from dreams. Now the logic's that no one actually has a real life, life is only dreams rather they want to believe it or not - that's whats correct in Parapsychology.  

  The levels are now induced we should not have humans baptized in the world because as gods in the world, the only true source is us and when they baptize humans that opens they semen pores and cause invisible and visible threats.

  These threats are deadly and somehow hypnotic. The restitution consoles that were on diabolical prospects, were leverage and now, the minutes are in the game of trust and this rendezvous is - commenced - and now the weather is commenced In the pleasures and reunited in the pass; in the rotation. 

Now the measures are desiccation, for the prospects, are now in reality living in dreams.

How change this.

  It is impossible and irrevocably out of order. The consensus of the reality is motivation and spiritual conception. This is toward workers and their epistemology and the inspiring comes from with-in ones-self.  The epicure of demagogue, as we discuss in agnostic proficiency & revelation on subjects on whats logically correct and incorrect - mere on what humans fastidious eating habits are in microbiology.

  We commence logical of helium, where when we go into the element table. Then from that point on, we display education on Elements. From the successors of "privot" and elimination of judicial boundary's. And forecasts now the measures of delusion will be demonstrated and congress. 

Understanding Meteorology Bonus:Separate From Intro:

The Moon is analytical - the moon really only has one Phase which is called the Visible Phase; which is when the Moon is seen at night and not during the day. The moon is relocation atmospheric : meaning that human vision can not see the moon move ;meaning that a human would have to look away and then in relocation measures the moon will now be in a different place in the sky.

The moon reciprocates on natural human light phenomenon. Natural Human Light Phenomenon; is light and nature created by human being. In dialect of animal nature; bee's are Created threw natural human Phenomenon (NHP) - The bees are created threw genes and viral solutions and then raised by Bee Keepers;the beekeepers keep the bees in Bee Tanks and then with in the summer and or spring resignation, they take a large amount of bee's to open areas and let all the bees out of the bee tank to migrate and populate. Which is a regional,National & international Government function.

Bees are sexual not asexual meaning that even though the bees which was created threw NHP is in the Fly family;though in a different order: which the order is called Diptera and also Hymenoptera - Bee's & fly's are in the same phylum. Bee's are designed to die threw climatological weather changes also bee's that stings humans die - because bee's are allergic to humans blood.

The moon is very eccentric and it's global foundation is synthetic. The moon is sub-radius. In reality scientists have the education backwards; rain doesn't come from clouds or steam but in reality they have know other condensation belief somehow.Though the education should be alright at clouds as the true source ; because the faucet of evidential is that the world was created threw dreams ; that meaning that some humans don't understand what a dream is and what it seams like and how that percolation as equivalent to natural born living.

 However whatever or how ever the world was created for human beings which are mankind; was designed to leave the possibility's of how the world and sky are there up to mankind; so while living on what is called Planet Earth, they would have something to do.

There are multiple moons in the sky and multiple suns in the sky; how could this be true ? - it's simple how could some places in the world see the sun and then other places are sunless and can't see the sun. It's simple and it's logical:a human's eye peripherals can not see miles and miles away so there for - if you live in Washington DC it would be impossible to see the State Florida's sun so there for they must be seeing Washington’s sun.

So there for there must be a calculation of about 100'000 suns estimate because every single Country and every-single state haves to have one. There should be a educational Sun Name for each City; State & Country to verify the different allocations of weather. My scientific understanding is it's impossible for the sun to be millions of miles away from earth if a human being eyes can see it. So there for it must be closer and it's closeness have not been known or hidden for phenomenal reasons.

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