Why Extraterrestrials live in an atmosphere of planets

Ilya Stavinsky

When I wrote the article  "Aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere", many people began to ask me why they live there? The answer to this question was that most likely they have lost their planet as the result of either the cosmic catastrophe or changed climate so much that it became impossible for habitation of living beings, including aliens.
This response, though explains the presence of aliens in our earth's atmosphere, but does not explain why they live in it but not on our planet. After all, with their highly-developed technology it does not cost anything to them to conquer our land and become masters of the situation. But this does not happen, even though they live in our atmosphere over tens of thousands of years. It was only in September of 2009 I solved this riddle. 
                                             Planets are the ticking bombs on which we live

Living on Earth is very good if natural disasters do not afflict humankind annually in the form of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, and so more.. As a result of these accidents each year on average one hundred thousand people are killed on the ground. Most dangerous for Mankind are tsunamis, which occur as a result of earthquakes on the ocean floor or large volcanic eruptions taking place not far from the coast of the ocean. Very strong tsunami waves near the coast could reach about one hundred meters in height. Imagine a water wall of this size, which one day falls on the east or the west coast of America or on the coast of Europe. In this case, tsunamis would claim life of tens of millions of people and, perhaps, entire countries in Europe. This possibility always exists. The only question is when. A 100, 300, 1000, years or later. Under more severe natural disasters our civilization is likely to die. Moreover, over time these disasters will become more frequently, because people are slowly but surely destroy not only the environmental but energetic balance of the Earth as well, by mining, excavation of oil, gas, coal and so on. Therefore, the likelihood of these catastrophes will increase considerably.
Destructive natural phenomena are largely unpredictable, and to escape from them is practically impossible. Mankind cannot control them, and therefore, to prevent them. It is impossible to fight a nature. Its destructive consequences we can only accept as they are and always to yield the road to Mother-nature. 
                                                  How Extraterrestrials solved this problem

The fact is that they do not need a planet for life, as we understand it at our level of technological development and relevant to the later our psychology. For us, the planet Earth - is the only place for our life. On it we build houses and flats, railways, subways, highways and so on for our movement on the ground. All our agriculture and industry, including excavation of oil, coal, ore, etc. are connected to our planet. At our level of productive forces, we are so dependent on the land and its resources, that we even dismiss the notion that human society can survive outside the planet and thus completely avoid those natural disasters that the earth suddenly can create for us.
But it is this decision the highly-developed civilizations came to, which were lucky, living on a ticking bomb, consciously developed the productivity through scientific advances, to such an extent that their material dependence on the planet has become so minimal that they can afford to live outside the planet and thus preserve their civilization. These aliens are building huge cities in the form of spacecraft, the size of which 2 - 4 km in diameter. Moreover, these space mother ships can be connected with each other by using bridges (the size of which 2 - 4 km) that is part of any space mother ship. As a result of these accessions the size of the floating city can reach a length of 30 km or more depending on the number of flying disks are connected, and their configuration can be different (see my pictures).
In other words, they created their own artificial planets which they can control and which are therefore much more reliable than natural.
It's hard to imagine for our society, which at the present level of productivity sees its main objective to make profit, even if the latter is connected with the loss of lives and health of millions of its members as a result of wars, poisoning the environment by hazardous wastes from production, and so forth. Our society has not yet matured up to the level of consciousness of these Extraterrestrials. 

                                                Extraterrestrials and the free energy

Life of aliens in the atmosphere of planets are living proof of the fact that they use a free energy for their existence. We have long been familiar with certain types of primitive free energy: wind, falling water. Wind power people use a long time for the movement of boats and sailing ships on the water, for windmills, but the force of falling water - as the source for rotation of the wheels, performing certain functions. Currently, wind power is used to rotate the generator, producing electricity, but the power of falling water is used for hydroelectric power generation.

But there are sources of free energy, which are available only at a certain level of technological development of society, for example, solar energy. Earth receives it in such quantities during one hour that it would be enough to ensure the energy of all mankind on the earth during the year. At the present stage of its development this process is still in its infancy. In other words, the main source of free energy is a field of a body at the micro and macro level. According to the Physics any field - gravity, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, etc. is able to perform the work and so it has energy. These various fields are generated by Mass of the body depending on its condition (for the first time I properly correlated the field with the mass and not with the body, matter as is customary in modern physics). In normal state a mass creates a gravitational field in the magnetized state, it creates a magnetic field, and in the charged state - the electric field, and so on. Macro bodies: planets, stars and so on condition the existence of these fields as well.

Thus, we are surrounded by the free energy in enormous quantities, and the secret of its use is very well known to the aliens. With our low level of the social development, we cannot use it, although technically we are ready. For example, the secrets of free energy at the level of micro body have been known to some scientists already in the early 20 century. Among them, without a doubt Tesla is the most genius discoverer of it. Unfortunately he did not reveal this secret to the mankind, because it is not mature enough yet to have such a powerful weapon as free energy, which is certainly would not be used for peaceful purposes, for improving the lives of people throughout the world, but - would be used for military purposes.

Currently, several generators have been created, based on the free energy of the magnetic and electric fields of body. (See Internet "free energy generators"), but they still have not received official recognition from the science and the state, because their implications are in complete contradiction with the existing social system of society. Why?

                                        Technological  level determines the social system of society

The higher the social productivity of labor in society the more it is humane and the better lives all its people have. Some people may agree with this and others will say - what nonsense. Even more puzzling among humans the assertion that modern capitalist society at the present stage of its existence is a brake on technological development, despite the known fact that during several centuries of its existence, it developed essentially the productive forces of society.

The fact is that so far capitalist society encourages only those discoveries in science and technology, that open up new areas of production, or push the old boundaries to make a profit. Making a profit is as everyone knows, the essence of capitalist production. Increased production of profit entails the creation of new jobs to the public. In such situations everyone is happy, and the capitalism in the form of monopoly is thriving. Using the free energy is completely contrary to these provisions.

1.It jeopardizes the wealth of those who control energy resources of society as oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and other types of power plants and industries that are directly or indirectly associated with them.

Therefore, this group of people who control the energy RESOURCES around the world will completely prevent the introduction of free energy in the economy and the development of new technology for acquiring of free energy.

2. It will release tens of millions of people in each country out of the production process for the simple reason that with the conquest of the free energy, a society will no longer be in need of modern roads, bridges, cars that use them, airfields, the aerial and underground cables for electricity transmission, different kind of electric power stations and so on. Because by that time people will learn how to move on the ground at the expense of its fields. And the wheel, which underlies in the base of the movement of people on the ground for more than tens of thousands of years, will go to the archives of history.

3. How to resolve these contradictions, caused by the use of robotics and free energy and how they will change the economic laws of modern capitalist society - first disclosed in my book "Capitalism and capitalism today and tomorrow".

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