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On the question of the laws of thermodynamics, free energy and perpetual motor


                                             The laws of thermodynamics

When physicists hear that there are inventions of electric, magnetic or electromagnetic generators in which there is more than 100% efficiency, they immediately become angry and say that it is contrary to fundamental law of thermodynamics (first and second) and so these inventors are charlatans and their inventions are of no interest to the scientific physics.

In this article I'll show physicists that the existence of free energy and the "eternal" engine that runs on its consumption, is in full accord with the physical law of conservation of energy, which is formulated in thermodynamics as follows:
"According to the first law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic system can perform work only at the expense of its internal energy, or any external energy sources. The first law of thermodynamics is often formulated as the impossibility of a perpetual motion machine of the first kind, which is committed to work without drawing energy from any the source. " (Internet)

First, as we see, according to this law, any system can work only due to the internal energy or energy from an external source. But any free energy has the external sources that exist in nature and energy of which people gets for free. Thus, the existence of free energy in nature does not contradict to the first law of thermodynamics, but on the contrary, it fits perfectly into. The following are examples of several natural sources of free energy.

                                    Free energy: mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic
With the existence of a free mechanical energy humanity are familiar for thousands years. For example, wind power was used for their windmills, which grind grain, or for the movement of ships under sail. And the energy of falling water was used for the rotation of the water mill and so on. The use of this free mechanical energy at the present time is well-known fact for all educated people so I will skip this.

Everyone is familiar with natural sources of heat: the sun, geysers, volcanic lava, etc. . The energies of the first two sources have been using at the present time, although the benefits of this are still small due to the lack of more efficient technologies.
                                            Electromagnetic energy
We now consider the electrical energy sources in nature. We live in an ocean of electric and magnetic energy, the main
part of which exists in the form of electric and magnetic fields produced by stars and planets, etc. . But to harness this energy, these fields should fluctuate. Take, for example, air or water in the river, a sea, ocean. If this medium is at rest, no free energy we can pull out of it, but if this environment is due to the forces of nature begins to move - a strong wind, strong water currents, waterfalls and so on. - Then we can get that energy free of charge. In the same way it is with the electric and magnetic fields - if they move themselves or oscillate in space due to the forces of nature - and the higher the frequency and amplitude of their oscillations the more energy we can get for free.
It follows that we cannot extract energy from the constant electrostatic field, because it is relatively long at rest. But if there is an alternating electrostatic field, it is an endless source of free energy. The same source is natural electromagnetic waves.
In contrast to the constant electrostatic field, magnetic field of the magnet oscillates with frequency of 180 kHz. It was established in 1925 by German engineer electrician Coler, who on this basis created an electromagnetic generator that produces energy 7-8 times more than the energy of the battery, which powers the system.

Moving charged particles also represent another kind of natural electromagnetic source of free energy but much weaker than the fields. The simplest example is the lightning, "striking the ground out of thunderstorm clouds. They are an electrical discharge, carrying to the ground
some negative charges in the amount of several tens of
coulombs and amplitude of the current in lightning is equal to 20 to 100 kA.
Speed cameras showed that lightning lasts a few tenths of a second and consists of several more short lightning. "Energy of lightning is 277 - 2770 kWh. J. Perelman in his book, "Entertaining physics," says that the power of lightning equal to 1400 kilowatt-hours, basing his calculations on the duration of lightning equal to 1 / 1000 sec, which contradicts to the pictures of speed cameras. Therefore, if the proceeds from the fact that the lightning takes a few tenths of a second, then the power of lightning will be at least 100 times more, i.e. 140 000 kWh. In any case, the lightning is energy, which would not be superfluous to mankind. The question is how to seize and save it that the costs of using it were much less than the cost of such amounts of electricity produced with modern means. At first glance it looks uneconomical and therefore people have put aside the solution to this problem.

In fact, this problem was technically solved by Tesla, where he studied the formation of electromagnetic waves from lightning to the ground. As a result, he built a world-famous Tesla transformer, which is due to the primary winding transformer, condenser and spark gap, can reproduce the lightning, but due to the secondary winding, tuned to resonance with the primary winding, this discharge current is directed into the ground and on the same channel received free electrical energy, which is created by lightning on Earth. This transformer is at the heart of many electric generators of free energy, which currently the official physics does not recognize and relate them to the category of quackery.

The source of this free energy Tesla never revealed to humanity, and engineers are still racking their brains over the disclosure of this secret.
When lightning strikes into the ground, then its current flows in one direction, which varies in magnitude from 0 to maximum and vice versa, i.e., graphically represents a positive pulse or a positive position of a sine wave. The maximum magnitude of the current can reach 100 kA. Since the magnitude of current changes in a short time T, then in the ground a positive electromagnetic wave formed, which spreads throughout the Earth. But, if we recall that there are around the world about 50 lightning strikes per second, then the power of the current in the ground will be 140 000 kWh x 50 = 9 million kilowatt-hours. Therefore, this total variable direct current at all times generates positive electromagnetic waves of different frequencies and amplitudes. Therefore, if an oscillating circuit (secondary winding), which is within a certain frequencies and initial phase of which coincided with the initial phases of the positive electromagnetic waves generated by shock from lightning, we would get free electricity in this circuit. In other words, if our oscillating circuit, at least once per second comes into resonance with this electromagnetic wave, then amplitude of our current (if it is a very small amplitude compare to amplitude of an external source) in the solenoid and the voltage may be increased tenfold. (For a detailed description of the conditions of this resonance is given in the patent Tesla 787.412)

Thus an understanding of the free energy does not go beyond classical physics, but it is logically explained by its position.
                                                    "Perpetual motion machines "
1. According to the first and second law of thermodynamics, a perpetual motion machine of the first or second kind cannot exist. This position is correct and there is no doubt for people with common sense. Free energy generators, which produce more energy than they consume, do not belong to a perpetual motion machine of the first or second kind because they use the free energy created by a natural source, so they do not fall under the category, which denies the laws of thermodynamics.

2. Since inventors of the free energy generators do not understand the source of its origination, they attribute the production of free energy to this generator and so it turns out, according to their calculations that the efficiency of the generator is greater than 100%, or 200%, 300%, 400%, etc. ..
Since efficiency is equal to the net power / power expended, the efficiency is always less than 100%. But if the efficiency is greater than 100%, then it just tells us how much free energy our generator received from any external energy sources.
3. From the logical point of view the free energy generators can be compared to sailing ships, wind power, hydroelectric power plants, which use mechanical free energy of nature, wind and water. Therefore, if physicists consider the generators of the free energy as a "perpetual motion machine", then by their logic, sailboats, wind electric generators, hydroelectric power generators, and so on must also belong to the category of "perpetual motion machine", which they deny.

P.S. I hope this article will help physicists to officially recognize the existence of free energy and generators that produce it.

Ilya Stavinsky 09/08/2011

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