"Everybody knows the price of  the knowledge 
                                                               and only a few know the price of it's discovery"
                                                                                                        (I. Stavinsky)

                             Aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere
For the first time in human history, I present here incontrovertible evidence of existence of tens of thousands of UFO in the Earth's atmosphere, which can be seen by any person in any part of the world at any time.

Supporters and opponents of UFOs

In recent years, there were a great number of reports about unidentified flying objects (UFOs); since 1947, the number of landings of flying saucers exceeded over fifteen hundred. Over 100,000 people worldwide claim to have seen "flying saucers." Hundreds of amateur videos show UFOs hanging or flying over the cities. Yet despite these facts, critics and non-believers in UFOs are much more common than their supporters. On the one hand, recorded video of UFOs can be professionally counterfeited. On the other hand, British researchers report that people often mistake for a UFO such objects as meteors, disintegrating satellites, flocks of birds, aircraft, lights, weather balloons, and just about anything moving within the visible band of electromagnetism and so on.

It is difficult not to agree with these interpretations of the facts but there are facts that stump even the most experienced professionals. For example, according to the colonel Rebrov, a thorough analysis of 550 most interesting eyewitness reports of alleged UFOs showed that 225 cases were aircraft or satellites, 211 cases were fragments of various space bodies, 8 cases were rejected for other reasons and only 76 (ie . 14%) remained unexplained (Red Star. 1989. March 19). Indeed, unidentified objects appear very rarely. According to U.S. statistics, the probability of meeting a person who has seen a UFO throughout his life is only 5%. Everything related to UFOs is so contrary to all established notions that many refuse to believe it.

How to solve the dispute

In this article I am not going to analyze the plausibility or falsehood of a fact, because then the discussion will run in a vicious circle: UFO supporters will claim that they have seen UFOs, but critics would disagree that this was not a UFO but at best a unexplainable natural phenomenon; everyone would keep his or her opinion. Such a dispute in which people do not come to a single answer, does not lead to the truth, therefore let us broaden the subject of our study to find the truth.

In essence, the dispute about the existence of UFOs and aliens is split into two positions: Whether there are other intelligent creatures or civilizations in the universe and whether aliens have visited Earth. If the first provision has a negative response, the second clause becomes meaningless (how could nonexistent aliens visit Earth?). If the first position has a positive response, the answer to the second position of a two-pronged "may" and "may not be," depending on the facts.

Let us consider in more detail the first position: whether there are other intelligent creatures or civilizations in the universe. The answer to this question is connected with the existence of planets like Earth in other star systems. If we theoretically or practically prove the existence of such planets, then the existence of such intelligent civilizations in the universe is necessary. Over the past 20-30 years, astronomers discovered the existence of more than 600 planets that revolve around other stars, and they have been using relatively primitive methods for their discovery. Over time, these methods will be improved and the number of these discoveries will exceed millions. We know that there are billions of stars in the universe and there are even more planets. Among these planets are millions of planets like ours, where the development of civilizations is possible. Proceeding from this, the irrefutable conclusion that the existence of intelligent civilizations in the universe beyond Earth has evolved from fantasy into reality. Therefore, when people now reject or question the existence of intelligent beings in space, they contradict the existence of planets discovered in other star systems.

Moreover, all these civilizations are at different stages of development. If intelligent creatures on extraterrestrial planets emerged later than on Earth, their technological progress is behind ours. Conversely, if intelligent creatures on other planets emerged much earlier than on Earth (say tens of thousands of years), their civilization is incomparably ahead of ours. On a scale from 1 to 10, our civilization (if it can be called civilization) is roughly equivalent to 2 or 3, in which the most highly developed civilization equals 10 and the lowest equals 1. Certainly, the emergence and development of civilizations is happening in different ways on each planet. Not all extraterrestrial civilizations survive beyond their heyday, and can disappear at any stage of their development as a result of self-destruction (nuclear or biological warfare), cosmic catastrophes or abrupt climate change, and so on.

To give the correct answer to the second clause (if aliens visiting our land), we must have irrefutable evidence of their presence on Earth or in Earth's atmosphere. Facts about their visits to Earth are plentiful (see UFOs on the Internet), but they can be challenged. The examples that I cite about the existence of UFOs, which can be witnessed by any interested person at any time, are the result of my year-long set of nightly observations of UFOs in the sky.

Number of UFOs worldwide

UFOs not only visit our earth but also live in the Earth's atmosphere at a distance 30 - 70 km. All over the world, there are tens of thousands and possibly more alien aircrafts. The mathematics is very simple. Above my city of Park Ridge, I counted more than 100 UFOs and the same number in the neighboring cities of Montvale and Saddle River. I went to the town of Nanuet of New York state, and found the same picture. I visited New York City, where over Manhattan I counted more than 100 UFOs in the area of 86 Street and Broadway. In other words, over every city in the world it is possible to count at least 100 UFOs in the sky. If you take only 100 cities in the world and multiply by 100 UFOs, you will already have counted 10,000 UFOs.

Camouflage techniques of UFOs

The following are the various camouflage techniques these UFOs employ.
1. The body itself of a UFO is invisible and merges with the color of the sky and moreover, it appears transparent. For example, if a UFO flies under a star, you'll see through its body to the star. The ability of UFOs to be invisible is one of the main methods of disguising itself from people on earth. How UFOs manages to do so in detail, I do not know, but in general terms, this can be achieved as follows. The UFO surrounds itself by a static or magnetic field through which a light cannot penetrate but must circumvent. For example, as water in the river encounters an island, it circumvents the island and continues to flow past. Similarly, light from the star moves around this field, which serves as an obstacle and gets in the eyes of the observer. It seems that the star is seen through the UFO, and hence, people can't see the UFO on radar. Once the UFO deactivates this field, then radars can notice its presence. Therefore, the presence of UFOs can only be identified in the sky by their signal lights located on the edges of the shell. Their brightness is 30-50 times weaker than the brightness of Polar Star. These lights give us an idea about the form of the UFO.
 Twenty years ago "to be invisible" would sound like a great mystery but right now with the help of of nano-scale engineering this become a reality. For example one leader of the researchers, said: "In the case of invisibility cloaks or shields, the material would need to curve light waves completely around the object like a river flowing around a rock. An observer looking at the cloaked object would then see light from behind it – making it seem to disappear. Substances capable of achieving such feats are known as "meta-materials" and have the power to "grab" electromagnetic radiation and deflect it smoothly. No such material occurs naturally and it is only in the past few years that nano-scale engineering, manipulating matter at the level of atoms and molecules, has advanced sufficiently to give scientists the chance to create them."
On 03/19/10 at 3 pm I captured on video 12 separate movements of invisible Aliens Motherships in Park Ridge, NJ. In this (1 minute) clip each movement of AFO (Aliens Flying Object) starts from the middle of the roof of my house marked by metal pipe and continues vertically up. UFOs hang in the sky without moving, but if one stares at it from 2 to 50 seconds, the AFO recognizes the fact that it was discovered and slowly or quickly begins to change its position in the sky. That is how I triggered their movements in the clip.
One can view this video on YouTube.
  If to create a full invisibility of the subject by using metamaterials, one can still notice its presence when the subject starts to move. Its movement will create different index of refraction for observer in relation to the subjects that can be seen through the invisible moving subject.
 Here there is an interesting question that if UFOs wants to be invisible from the ground, why would they expose themselves with their signal lights. The fact is that the signal lights, based on terrestrial experience, prevent accidents of poor visibility in the environment. For this reason the cars and aircrafts use them at night and so do the UFOs. If a UFO is invisible on the ground, then they are invisible for another UFO in the sky, and there are hundreds of them in the same area. Therefore, the signal lights on each UFO recognize the presence of another UFO and thus provide safe movement in the sky.

This, as I realized recently (31/08/2009), is another reason why AFOs are trying to be invisible.
Sky is strewn by them around the world.  There are  so many AFOs spaceships in heaven, that if they deactivated their invisibility, the sky above the earth will become a chess board, where the black squares will represent aliens spacecrafts. Earth will be twice  darker than under normal conditions.

2. Another method of masking the UFO is hiding among the stars in the sky, near or under the star. In this case, against a backdrop of bright light from the star its signal lights, which look like dim stars in the sky, will be even less visible from Earth for an observer. And when the UFO is under the star, the latter can be seen through UFOs body and the observer mistakes its signal lights for a very pale distant star.

In most cases, the UFO hangs in the sky without moving, but if one stares at it from 2 to 50 seconds, the UFO recognizes the fact that it was discovered and slowly or quickly begins to change its position in the sky. It is characteristic that the UFO tends to move toward the observer and, in most cases stops over his head. UFOs are so sensitive to the human gaze that even if the UFO is located somewhere far from the observer, say at the horizon, it instantly changes in his direction and locates itself above the observer’s head or somewhere in the vicinity.

3. If we look at UFOs that are located very near a star, say at point A, which is located on the left or right or bottom or the top of it, then the alien ship will begin to move with acceleration by the rules described above. But if you look at point A again, you'll see a different a UFOs at the same venue, which also will move across the sky but in a different direction from the first UFO. And so I looked at this point up to 20 times and each time a new UFO come out of this place.

Ionized air around UFOs

Alien spacecrafts use free energy in space, so they do not need to store fuel as it is done on the ground with all our moving objects (car, aircraft, missiles and so forth). They can "forever" fly in space without worrying about refueling. The higher degree of technological development of civilization, the more complex type of free energy it uses. Primitive civilizations using the simplest and most accessible kind of free energy, which does not require deep scientific knowledge about nature, namely wind and water. The sun, for example, produces various types of energy, including heat, light, gravity, electromagnetic energy and who else knows what. For example, if people could use only 90% of the sun’s energy that it releases to the earth in 1 hour, then it will be equal to the amount of energy which mankind consumes in one year. This requires enormous technological level of scientific knowledge, which humanity does not presently possess. All of these solar cells, which we have now, are just the first step in a very long road to cultivate free energy.

Aliens’ knowledge about the secrets of nature is enormous. They can use, maybe not all types of energy produced by the sun (star), but most of them, so they have no problem traveling among the stars. But in any case, regardless of what kind of free energy they use, I noticed that they are always surrounded by a translucent grey cloud, which may be the result of ionized air in the stratosphere. This cloud always accompanies them, regardless of how quickly they fly.

 What is more at one point you can notice that these clouds can disappear and show up again: AFO has technology to manipulate those clouds. they use the latter for camouflage in the night sky. Imagine that in the pure night sky, an observer sees a transparent gray cloud, say 50 meters in length. He will think that it is normal gray cloud. In fact, this is the cluster of 20 to 30 UFOs. If you stare at a certain point of the cloud, you will see that a small part of it begins to move rapidly, leaving the cloud. This is the UFO, surrounded by an ionized cloud. If you do this experiment with a cloud 20 - 30 times, which should take you a few minutes, all the UFOs disperse from the cloud and the cloud will disappear.

By counting these ionized clouds, which are created by UFOs, you can roughly estimate the number of UFOs in the sky. These clouds are most visible 10 - 40 minutes after sunset, when it is getting dark. The sky does not have to be clear of clouds, because through them you can still see the signal lights of the aliens’ spacecrafts. The whole sky will be fills up with these small gray spots to resemble a chessboard or a soccer ball with its black and white patches. The UFOs all hang immobile across the sky, but if you look closely at each of them, you will notice that they begin to move faster, approach the observer with different trajectories and abruptly stop.


How to recognize UFOs in the night sky

Spacecrafts of aliens are better visible in the night sky, because the blue signal lights around the contour of its body, the size of which is 1 to 3 yards (we see that size at an altitude of 30-70 km, whereas in reality their size is 1 - 4 miles and more) are more visible against the background of night sky. These contours that represent individual aliens spaceships, can have the form of a circle, a triangle or a circle with a tail and so on. It is interesting to note that I saw in the sky several circles (2 - 8) connected to each other through the tail and functioning as one spacecraft. (See drawings below) From here follows that aliens can visit each other spacecraft and in times of technical trouble can assist to each other. UFOs can move at varying speeds from 0 to 100 km/sec and more, changing direction at any angle immediately, and thus violating all known physical laws of gravity. Since January 2008, I have daily seen up to 100 UFOs, floating at an altitude of 30-70 km above the ground. Follow below the steps to spot AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky.

1. To see better UFOs at night, you need to select a dark place, with no street lights.
2. Look for a few minutes at the dark sky until your eyes adapt to the darkness. In this case, the sensitivity of the eyes will be significantly increased and you can better see the pale signal lights of the UFOs or the ionized clouds.
3. Observe the sky very carefully to find hardly noticed dim stars which create circle 1 - 3 yards in   diameter or hardly noticed whitish-grey clouds produced by AFO. (There are plenty of them in the sky, just take a time), but for the beginner the best place to find them is around any star, that surrounded by whitish grey cloud.  If you look at this star you will see it twinkles. It is light distortion caused by the AFO which very slow moves under the star and the light from observer bent the body of the AFO and go to the star. That is how the observer see the blinking star through the body of AFO and the latter becomes invisible. 
4. Once you noticed  one of them, concentrate your eyes on it and when it will start to move away from the star (normally in your direction) follow it's movement. It's speed  will be accelerated from 0 to 20-40 mps and more and in couple seconds the AFO will stop somewhere above your head. If you lost this movement go and look at the same star again, because there are 10 - 20 AFOs under this star. Another words, start again from step 3.
5. If you watched the movement of whitish grey cloud, observe it very carefully and you will see very dim signal lights that create circle inside of this cloud, that is how you know that the moving cloud is not illussion or distortion, but a real AFO. On the other hand cloud can not move with speed 10-40 miles per second and more.
6. Next time when you see the moving whitish grey cloud or signal lights wave your hand to it and this object will start zig-zag in your direction. That is how AFOs say HELLO to you. This is another example that we deal with moving object that controled by intellegent beings.
7. Remember if you read karate manual it is not enough to become even a beginner in karate, you have to practice for a while. The same rule applies to those who read my article and try right away to spot AFO. With my help it will take couple minutes, on your own - much more (30 - 60min) may be less depending on your power of observation.
8. Keep in mind that people for thousand years looked at the sky and never saw them at such altittude, because AFOs camouflaged themselves by using different tricks that I discovered and described in my article.
                                     How to recognize UFOs in the afternoon sky
It is good to observe UFOs in the morning or afternoon after a rain, once the rain clouds have passed and the sky still appears cloudy but with a whitish color. On such a background, one can easily see the ionized clouds of the UFOs. They appear as weak gray spots in the sky on a white background. This situation is very close to that which I described as “10 - 40 minutes after sunset." The only difference is that UFO signal lights on a white sky background are very difficult to notice, but the rest remains strong.
    You can also see a AFO in a good sunny weather. First of all you have to take close look at the blue sky and to notice that there are hardly noticed whitish, grey clouds. If you focus on one of them it will start to move in your direction, that is how we know that this is AFO.

 That is how I triggered their movements in the clip.
One can view this video on YouTube. 

Alien Psychology

Aliens by their nature are peace loving and not aggressive. They are completely opposite to what is portrayed in movies and books, where they are shown as belligerent, trying to destroy the Earth's civilization, or where they are fighting with colonizers from other developed civilizations. These statements are based on my observations of them and on the logic of their behavior.

If you watch UFOs in the sky for long enough, you should notice various forms of UFOs, located in the sky next to one another. This suggests that they arrived to Earth from a variety of stellar systems. But in my year of observation, I did not see any attacks between one another.

The idea of warfare can come only to insufficiently developed civilizations, in which war is a means of resolving economic problems by seizing the natural resources of the conquered country through various political manipulations (for example by establishing a puppet government by the victor). This dynamic is clear in the US war with Iraq. Therefore war, as a recurring political policy exists, only because society does not produce enough goods for its wants.

I say this to illustrate the fact that UFOs have never attempted to seize any city or country on Earth and force people to work for them, although they certainly possess destructive technology beyond our imagination. Of course aliens, like any living creatures, can show their strength when their survival is threatened. Aliens have never tried to rob humanity of its gold, diamonds or other precious things. Why? The answer to this question is very simple. Alien technology is so highly evolved that they produce all products for consumption in such large quantities and with such little labor costs that for them, these products have become as available as air, water. Hence the accumulation of material goods has lost its value.

Incidentally, this is one of the main reasons why governments of the developed capitalist countries have shown little enthusiasm in the official recognition of the existence of other developed civilizations in the universe. If there are more advanced civilizations in the universe in which economic and social problems have been solved for thousands of years and in which for this reason there are no rich and poor intelligent beings, these governments’ statement - that capitalism is the most advanced social system known to humanity - ceases to be a viable argument for justifying unfairness in capitalist society.


Recognizing the existence of AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) in our Earth's atmosphere lead us to the following conclusions:

1. They represent for our scientists the physics laboratory where people can observe unknown for us The Laws of Nature that AFOs are using in their technology. For example, from my observations I concluded that Newtonian Laws  are not fundamental Laws of nature. They are limited and work only within classical mechanics but do not apply to the behavior  of the body in the gravitational, magnetic, electric fields and etc. Another words, all laws of Physics have their meaning only in relation to their sufficient ground that is the 4th law of formal logic. (See my article on internet: "Formal and Dialectical Logic as Unity of Opposites or Development of Classical Philosophy" . On the other hand, from the negation of the 2-nd Law of Newton in any field it follows the absence of Inertial Forces in alien's spacecraft.

 2. With time the Free Energy will be the main source, that will replace all other primitive source of energy: oil, coal, atomic, electric power stations that pollute and destroy our natural environment.

3. Free Energy will dramatically reduce our dependency on working people and increase the productivity in our society by ten-fold. In reality all those problems created by introduction of Free Energy: millions of unemployed people who will lose their jobs in sectors producing oil, coal, electricity etc. and in sectors which directly or indirectly connected with them, conflict of interest for rich people, who control those branches of productions - can be solved within the frame of the capitalist society without stepping on somebody’s toes among the rich people. The future form of this capitalist society is called "Social capital" and described in the book "Capitalism today and Capitalism tomorrow".

P.S Some people think that I am salesman trying to sell Brooklyn Bridge and they advice me to get "a better camera phone or a professional Canon SLR" to record those AFOs that I see in the sky, instead of drawings attached to my article. The point is that there is no such sensitive camera on the market which can record AFOs that are on my drawings.
Read below from
"UFO Spotting & Recording Tips
Photographing UFOS" site
"Still cameras are handy, but are not suitable for all recording of UFO's, especially at night. UFO's are not always bright illuminations that stay around long enough to click a photo of. They are usually (but not always) fast moving dimly illuminated objects at high or very low altitudes just above tree or roof top. Under these circumstances a still camera is somewhat useless."

These drawings shows exactly 90% what people will see in the night sky









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