Classical school of Political Economy and Philosophy

 Major Representatives of Classical Political Economy 

W. Petty  F.Qesnay  A.Smith  D.Ricardo

 K. Marx  R.Hilferding  I.Stavinsky

"Whoever cannot seek the unforeseen sees nothing for the known way is an impasse."  ― Heraclitus, Fragments

  Capitalism today and capitalism tomorrow

   Chapter 1. The Basic Rules of the Capitalist Game:                                                   ...If everybody were rich, who would work ?  
    "Unmanned factories the key to capitalist Utopia...Mr. Stavinsky calls for goverments to adopt measures to promote the introduction of robots into production. Without such support,the benefits of automation will take longer to realize. However, in Australia, the US and other countries,politicians are largely unaware of automation. Mr. Stavinsky's projections may come true eventually." The Australian - nationwide newspaper (2/20/96) ...

"The following book has been selected by the magazine as being of particular interest to practitioners and scholars of business..A study of the transformation of contemporary capitalism to a concept called SOCIAL CAPITAL and how this process could be speeded up."  

Indiana University School of Business
March-April 1997

  The Development and The End of
   Classical Political Economy. 

Since its existence, the essence of capitalism has not changed. Still the main purpose of capitalist production is the production of the profits, still there are market, the price of goods, economic crises, unemployment, commodity and money capital, interest and etc. And this essence of capitalism was disclosed and explained sufficiently by classical school of political economy,which numbered such eminent economists as W. Petty, F. Quesnay, A. Smith, D. Ricardo, K. Marx,.. (published by Economic Gazeta #1(170), January,1998,Moscow )                                           

  Social Capital                                                                                                       Common sense of economic development leads us with necessity to the idea of the existence of social capital. (Detail analysis of the Social Capital is given in my books "Capitalism Today and Capitalism Tomorrow" , "Social Capital and Socialism" and article "The development and the end of Classical Political Economy)

(published by ECONOMIC MAGAZINE November,1997,Moscow )


"I have read the book with interest, but disagree.." 

Paul M. Sweezy
Editor-in-chief of MONTHLY REVIEW,
November 1997

"Another view of the future is outlined in
'Capitalism Today and Capitalism Tomorrow', Ilya Stavinsky."                    
International Journal of
Strategic Management,
Vol. 30, LONDON, UK

"The reader who has respect for the classical school of political economy, will find this book is very interesting and  answers to many economic problems. This book 'Capitalism today and Capitalism tomorrow' demonstrates that the resources and methods of classical analysis are not yet exhausted in the investigation of the developing economic systems."

Russian Economic Journal #9,1997                                                                               K. Khubeev
Professor of Economics
Moscow State University

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift (the book)...
Your support means a great deal to me" 

    Bill Clinton
President of USA

Social Capital and Socialism                                                     "For the first time in economic literature
Stavinsky gives a full economic analysis of
directly social capital"     

 URPE magazine, USA, New York v.XIV num 1, 1983 ...                                  

"Ilya Stavinsky's book is an intelligent and thoughtful essay in economics.." Alexander  Erlich                                                                                                      Professor of Economics Columbia University, 06/01/79                                  


                        My political  view    

  I am strongly against Socialism but I am for the Social Capital, the future form of the capitalst society, that I discovered in my books: "Capitalism today and Capitalism tomorrow", "Social Capital and Socialism". 

 Social Capital will come into existence when the productive forces of society will be 20 - 30 times more than we have right now. Under Social Capital there will be no unemployment, economic crisis, and working day will be reduced to 2 - 3 hours per day, the standard of living for everyone would be better,but still there will be Rich and Poor people. I do not mind Communism, but this form of society will come into existence in 100s years, because the social productivity of labour must be increased in 100-200 times compare to what we have right now. From philosophical point of view it is silly to state that Capitalism will exist forever, because it is equal to the statement that the person never dies.

 Biography of I. Stavinsky


                 Russian articles
Тайна Электро генераторов Свободной Энергии разгадана                          Развитие Законов Формальной Логики Аристотеля                                    Почему Инопланетяне живут в атмосфере планет                                                                 И так далее .....

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Major Representatives of  Classical  Philosophy

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            Heraclitus                     Aristotle            B. Spinoza        G. Leibnitz
 I. Kant  G. Hegel  I. Stavinsky

Until now philosophers interpret formal and dialectical logic as separate logics independent of each other. For this reason some of them state that dialectical logic is more important than formal one, .. (Published by magazine PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCHES,   Moscow 11/2003) 

The Development of Laws of Formal  Logic of Aristotle 

By the beginning of XVIII century four laws of logic were formulated : the law of identity, Law of Contradiction, the Law of Excluded Middle and the Law of Sufficient Ground. The first three laws were formulated by Aristotle in the 4 th century BC, as the 4th law was introduced by Leibniz at the beginning of 18 century. So far for more than 300 years, none of the philosophers discovered neither the 5th or 6 th law of formal logic. During this time, all the "discovery" of formal logic were limited only to it’s distortion and confusion. The development of Formal logic of Aristotle is not to find other syllogisms, but rather to expand the content of the law of Identity and the Law of sufficient ground, based on an understanding of the relationship of formal logic of Aristotle and dialectical logic of Hegel, discovered by me in my article "Formal and Dialectical Logic as unity of opposites or development of classical philosophy. " By doing this we eliminate in the formal logic those loopholes on which all existing paradoxes (in our daily life , physics, math and so on) are based.                            (Ilya Stavinsky, 05/01/2009) 


1. In general all existing analyses of logical paradoxes show only their practical shortcomings: they are meaningless, ....   (Ilya Stavinsky, January,2008)   

"Ilya Stavinsky - a famous economist who lives in the U.S - is very colorful and controversial figure, yet at the current historical moment is a very indicative and interesting for us. Very few people, to be more precisely, it is likely he the only one to some extent realized the importance of the principle of sufficient ground and its special role in science (including its implementation for connection between the two logics - formal and dialectical).."                                                                                                                     ( 2013)  (Russian Internet)  


Errors in the Theory of Oscillations in the LC Circuit            (Ilya Stavinsky, October, 2014)                       

Charge a capacitor by magnetically polarized electrons

(How FE generator Testatika works)                                                                                     (Ilya Stavinsky, July, 2014)

 Static and Variable Electromagnetic field of Electrical Charge

(Ilya Stavinsky, February, 2014)

Theoretical Development of Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics                                                                     "Einstein's Photon theory goes down the drain."                                                        (Ilya Stavinsky, 08/16/2012) 

Prometheus of Free Energy Ilya Stavinsky

(I have created very simple Generator of Free Energy to prove all people that we live in the ocean of free energy in the form of Variable Electrostatical Field. This energy is the source of Free Energy that created by Generators of Free Energy, including Tesla's generator, Testatika and many others. My generator produce 15w of free energy. In my picture the load is bulb 15 w/ 120 v, which lights in full capacity..)


Variable Electrostatic Field of Stars and Planets                     (Ilya Stavinsky, 02/02/11)       

The Electromagnetic Field of the Electrical Free Energy                                                                                                       (Ilya Stavinsky, 06/15/12) 

Dialectical logic in Physics                                                                    ( Ilya Stavinsky, 11/2012)

Mystery of Gravitational Field Solved                                (Ilya Stavinsky, 09/25/11) 

On the Question of the Law of Thermodynamics, Free Energy, Perpetual Motors                                                                                                                        (Ilya Stavinsky, 08/10/11)   

The Secret of the Inertial Mass is discovered                                               (Ilya Stavinsky, December,2010)           

 Independence of Energy Formation in the     Gravitational and Electrostatic field                                                                                                    (Ilya Stavinsky, 08/22/10)

 One-sided Understanding of the Concept of                                     "Relativity of Energy"                                                                    (Ilya Stavinsky, 08/18/10)

(Ilya Stavinsky, 08/12/10)

  Mystery of Electrogenerators of Free  Energy solved
(Ilya Stavinsky, 06/08/10)  

  (Published by magazine PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCHES, #4, Moscow 12/2000) 
 (published by magazine THE EARTH and UNIVERSE 11/1997, Moscow) 
"Since I have discovered that the aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere, it has been over 3 years. During all this time I tried to find some way to communicate with them: to ask questions and get answers. But all my efforts in this direction ended in failure until I realized that the aliens can read our thoughts..." 
(Ilya Stavinsky, 05/18/2011)
                  For the first time in human history, I present here incontrovertible evidence of existence of hundreds of thousands of UFO in the Earth's atmosphere, which can be seen by any person in any part of the world at any time. ..
 See recorded movements of Aliens Motherships in the sky on video 
This article was discussed with great interest for one hour on a radio talk show 03/14/2009 

Why Extraterrestrials live in an atmosphere of planets

The fact is that they do not need a planet for life, as we understand it at our level of technological development and relevant to the later our psychology. For us, the planet Earth ...

                    UFO SIGHTING (Your Guide is Ilya Stavinsky) 
 Seeing is Believing. Hundreds of people saw AFOs(Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky under my guidance in New York and New Jersey, including 5 PA MUFON UFO field investigators, chief investigator Butch Witkowski, John Ventre (director of  PA MUFON),    well-known Ufologists, etc - at UFO conference (Montgomery county community College on 10/09/2009), be one of them.
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